May 25, 2024

Bedhead Hair Is Trending And Here’s How To Get The Look

Bedhead hair is about to blow up and we are not mad about it. The lazy girl’s solution to lived-in hair that looks great but requires minimal effort, bedhead hair, which is all about major texture and making the most of the time in between washes, takes the ‘I-woke-up-like-this’ look to the next level.

As Senior colourist at Live True London, Stéphane Ferraira, tells GLAMOUR: “Good news for the lazy. . . the natural bedhead texture will be everywhere soon! We’ve already started seeing a lot of slept-in blow dries and three-day old waves, which can be enhanced with styling sprays and pomade. We’re seeing a step away from pristinely-styled hair. ” We are here for it.

Ultimately, bedhead hair features an undone, breezy texture, which is the perfect chic solution for lazy girls. “You can get as complex or as simple as you like with the style, but just rocking your natural texture is often the easiest solution. No matter your hair type, you can achieve the ‘bedhead’ look with only a few basic steps,” assures Stéphane.

Creating the look is so damn simple — you basically roll out of bed, give it a quick brush and use some product to create texture. “This can be a few spritzes of salt spray, styling pomade or dry shampoo,” says Stéphane. “You can then use a brush or your hands to make your hair as messy and ‘undone’ as desired. This look works well for those who already have a natural wave to their hair, especially for those with finer hair. ”

If you have naturally pin straight hair, Stéphane says you will want to do some extra styling to create shape and add texture. “The fastest way to do this is by adding some waves with styling tools and then brushing through with a wide tooth comb. If you have naturally curly or frizzier hair, use some styling spray or spray conditioner to detangle and defrizz hair first, then use a wide tooth comb to brush out. Your natural texture will do the rest of the job. ”

From a cut perspective, Stéphane says you can also consider adding in some layers for more natural movement and texture, which will help you achieve this look with ease each morning.

Lazy girl hair that actually looks good? Yep.

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