April 12, 2024

Beauty lovers are comparing this body bronzer to an Instagram filter for your legs

The makeup artist and Utan have released a bodybronzercalledUtan x Jamie Skin Idol, £23. 99. Not only does it smell amazing (that’ll be the lavender), but it works quickly.

With just 60 seconds wait time, you can go about your day with ease. If you’re not after a super pigmented look, you can always mix it with amoisturiserand it will still adapt to all skin tones.

She’s one of the biggest beauty influencers of our generation, with millions of people tuning into her YouTube channel for skincare, makeup and hair hacks every week. And now, Jamie Genevieve has teamed up with tanning brand, Utan, to create a body bronzer that’s got everyone talking.

No stranger to creating incredibly sought-after makeup looks, and known for having a particular glow about her too, this is a match made in heaven and it’s been getting rave reviews.

To give a little insight into the formula itself, Jamie took to her YouTube channel to show her fans how to create the look, with 200,000 viewers hanging onto to her every word. “Once it’s all settled down on the body, it makes your skin look like butter. It took 57 different formulas to make it perfect,” she said.

Her fans took to the reviews section in their droves, with one impressed user writing: “This is exactly what I need to turn my pale (ghostly) skin into sun-kissed bronzed goddess type of skin! ”.

“This stuff is amazing. I am obsessed. My skin has a supermodel glow and looks airbrushed. It doesn’t feel sticky either, similar to Vita Liberata body blur but with a much more gooey finish and a deeper tan colour,” raved another customer.

UTAN is the brainchild of 26-year-old entrepreneur Rebecca Mone and is currently on track to make £3 million this year. All the products are vegan, cruelty-free and infused with a luxurious highlighter, as well as being sweat-proof and water-resistant, making them ideal for holidays.

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