Beauty in American style

What is the secret of the beauty of Hollywood stars? Is this the result of endless plastic operations, or yoga, or Kabbalah, or are they really so beautiful from the Creator?

To the famous passage at the ceremony of awarding the main movie award, all the stars begin to prepare for 3-4 weeks (and so much remains until our main holiday – the New Year). Certainly, these are restrictions in nutrition, fitness, etc. But the relaxation and imposing, shine and grace, which you will not get from any diet and in any fitness room, are all the same achieved in beauty salons.

And what is most interesting is that today the boundaries and boundaries of any information and any possibilities have been expanded so much that you are happy to discover that in faraway Siberia and on Hollywood hills people can afford much the same things.

So, what are the Hollywood stars doing? For relaxation of the muscles, not only the body, but also the face (which gives that expression of carefree and lightness, so characteristic of kinodivam) is perfectly helped by massage with hot semiprecious stones using aromatic oils. For several years, such a miracle procedure has been applied in our city and is called “stone therapy”.

Massages to correct the figure – and this is not exotic for us. For example, in the beauty salon “Five Elements” there are more than 20. And the masters are no worse than Hollywood. At least, they receive training and information first-hand – from personal masseurs of our domestic stars.

The face is the main tool for the work of movie stars. Today, filmmakers complain that Botox and other injections have deprived the actors of the ability to express emotions through facial expressions. Catastrophe! But this is indeed so. Those who want to stick, let them continue to do it, but today there are so many alternatives! Especially because the French, for example, believe that wrinkles in women – it’s very sexy.

In the arsenal of a modern woman, there are so many tricks! This and peelings, which emphasize the charm, while retaining the individuality, only improving it due to the radiance of the complexion, its freshness and youth. This and luxury class care, for example from Babor – German cosmetics, which conquered, by the way, and Hollywood. Many luxury creams of this line are so loved by the stars. Please, at your service, they and we, in Novosibirsk.

Well, if you are over 35 (and this applies not only to women, but also to men), then for you in the beauty salon “Five Elements” there is an apparatus that is also loved in Hollywood. Thermafine is the newest method of non-surgical lifting. Comfortably, without pain and problems, without getting out of the habitual rhythm and way of life, for 4-6 procedures with an interval of 2 weeks, without shocking or cheering others, you grow prettier and younger to everyone’s surprise, while still remain an industrious employee and a caring wife (husband).

Hairstyle – the trump card is not only a Hollywood star. Today the towers of lacquer and nachets are gone. Only natural curls and flowing strands. You can refer to the masters of the Salon Five Elements with any imagination. From Hollywood will differ only in the amount of the check.

What do we have left? That’s right, hands and feet. Manicure and pedicure, including SPA, with creams, massage, wrap, which so warms now – are very widely represented in the cabin “Five Elements”. And already very loved by regular guests.

Want to extend the pleasure of staying in the salon – cosmetics for home care from the world’s best manufacturers is sold only in professional beauty salons. For any self-respecting company very much protects its products from counterfeits, and therefore, will never sell it in general stores.

Any of us can become a star, the main thing only is to allow it to ourselves.

PS A little clue. Are you starting to strain about New Year’s gifts? A certificate from a SPA salon or the best world cosmetics is a very good option for people close to you

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