July 18, 2024

Basket right now and treat yourself to post-lockdown

Now we’ve never needed help knowing how to spend money – rather, it’s always been quite the opposite – but if you know that you’re keen to snap up something special for your wardrobe then look no further; we’re more than equipped to point you in the right direction.

It’s day 12471247 of self-isolation, and if you’re anything like us you’ve spent the last 12471246 days wearing nothing but loungewear and buying nothing but food. You’ve therefore likely got a smidge of loose change that you’d ordinarily have splurged on *an undisclosed number* of Espresso Martinis and subsequent Ubers…

And while we may look to be in quarantine for the foreseeable, who says you should wait until you actually have an excuse to wear the clothes before you buy them? Okay, maybe we needn’t commit to them just yet… but at the very least let’s add them to that elusive dreamland that goes by the name ‘saved basket’.

If for nothing else than to indulge in our – crucial – need for escapism right now.

So what are we thinking?

Well, it’ll (hopefully! ) still be warm outside by the time lockdown is lifted – we’re anxious to tempt fate and put a seasonal timeline on it – so let’s look to fun sandals, midi dresses and nostalgic jewellery (a major trend right now).

Crucially, it’s wise – and, unfortunately, perhaps essential – to consider pieces that will transition well into cooler weather. After all, we don’t know when we’ll *actually* get a chance to wear these just yet.

But, hey, if everything goes entirely awry, there’s always that hallway mirror and your Instagram feed to impress. Desperate times, and all…

Scroll down for 16 things our Fashion Editor recommends you put in your saved basket and treat yourself with a post-lockdown (just as long as you don’t snap up the last one – she won’t like that).

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