May 25, 2024

Basic wardrobe makes life easier and helps to save

Again there is nothing to wear? It’s familiar and sad. Truly, to have a lot of clothes and dress well is not at all equivalent concepts. French couturier Hubert Zivanshi believed that a woman, in order to feel chic, needed a cloak, a pair of trousers and a cashmere sweater.

Today’s lady, except the conquest of men, it is also desirable to take careers. So the list recommended by the famous Frenchman should be slightly expanded. But it makes sense to save a few expensive, simple and high-quality things that will help relieve the headache about clothes. How to make a basic wardrobe, learned correspondent SHE.

The concept of “basic wardrobe” was introduced in the mid-50s by the founder of the American school of design Claire McCurdell. In advocating emancipation, she argued that modern women do not have time for endless disguises, shuffling a ton of skirts and jackets and solving the everyday question of “what to wear with? ”.

She stressed the need to have in the arsenal of simple things – blouses, jackets, skirts, trousers that fit well together in any combination and with the addition of accessories are suitable for any occasion. European mods at first twisted from American pragmatism, but quickly appreciated the beauty of the idea. The first to create a collection on the basis of basic things was the queen of knitwear Sonia Rykiel in the 70s of last century. Later, this was not disdained by designers with a reputation for foolish dreamers, for example, John Galliano and Alexander McQueen.

In the current bustle, where the fashion changes two times a season, and at the same time it can not be followed, the presence of a basic wardrobe simplifies life. In order to make it, you need to make several important steps that will greatly facilitate understanding how you choose the basic things.

1. Objectively evaluate your figure. Undress and carefully consider yourself in the mirror. Do not admire, but try to be impartial, appreciate not the best forms that would be worth disguising. “But do not be picky,” says Indra A. Buks, founder of ON THE GO 4 U, the most famous clothing company in New York. – Surely in your figure there is something you can brag about, and this must certainly be stressed. ”

2. Precisely determine your size. Do not try to seem slimmer by putting on things that are tight for you. The only thing you achieve is impressions that you quickly gained weight and did not have time to buy new clothes.

3. Decide on the color scheme that suits you. By the way, black does not fit all, although, of course, it is easy to combine with other colors. “Buying black things from practical considerations, you are depriving yourself of the opportunity to take advantage of the color that will adorn you,” explains Ms. Bucks. “One of my clients complained of a painful look and was looking for solutions in cosmetics, but it turned out that the thing was not the color that she was wearing, which she used to wear. ”

4. Do not take stiff things. Firstly, next season they will be ashamed to put on, and secondly, not all decorate. Suffice it to recall the terrible times when people were attacked by folds of fat, hanging over the slid waist of jeans in a tight-fitting.

5. The most important point is to clearly analyze your lifestyle and determine under what conditions you spend most of your wake. It’s not always pleasant to think about work, but somehow the vast majority of us spend the lion’s share of time in the office. So it’s better to focus on business clothes or just office.


Having decided with personal parameters, we sort out the cabinet. But do not just shift the stack of things, but meticulously inspect each. As in other life situations, the Pareto principle is applicable here – 20 to 80, that is, we use 20% of things often and for a long time, and 80% – from case to case. Here on these twenty and we will concentrate. We take into account that in her free time an office girl goes to the cinema, sometimes in nightclubs and, if she is lucky, in restaurants.


Let’s start with everyday work. Trite, but the presence of a suit – trouser or with a skirt, and it is better to have in the closet, and both, will greatly facilitate your life. “Without a business suit, no real lady can do it,” adds a romantic shade to the image of Yulia Shalabayeva, merchandiser of the Mexx store. “By combining it with a white blouse, she follows a classic pattern and will always feel confident in the office. ” Do not be stingy: a suit is bought not for one season and serves, it is possible to say, an investment in career growth.


What are you doing tonight? It is not necessary for a publisher to have a heap of evening dresses. Try to use such advice here. “At the moment, Smart Casual is very popular,” explains Irina Lorak, the image maker. – Its meaning is simple, but with a “twist”. The rules here are not established, there are no prohibitions, regulations too. The best example is good jeans and knitwear of an unusual cut. Original accessories will not be superfluous. ”Well-chosen accessories, according to Julia Shalabaeva, will give an office blouse or shirt an evening look.

So, in our wardrobe, we have a business suit with a skirt, trousers, blouses or shirts of white and other colors suitable for you, good jeans, a couple of knitted gizmos with a short and long sleeves, accessories (strap, neck scarf, costume jewelry) and at least 3 pairs of shoes for the season (street, office, leisure).

Here are the initial 20%, which you can supplement with time, focusing on the already available. The remaining 80% includes what you walk with a dog, go to the countryside and run to the car or to the subway: outer clothing – keep in mind that you do not need to wear a suit jacket, dresses are interesting, but slippery in combination, clothes for walks and rest, which is better to have also a ready-made set.

Do you think it’s boring? Not at all! The number of combinations increases in a geometric progression from each thing purchased to the core. And the availability of accessories, for example, now fashionable neck scarves, will make any neutral outfit stylish and relevant for this season.

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