Baristas Beware: Starbucks Is Rumored to Release a Zombie Frappuccino For Halloween

If you thought the Unicorn Frappuccino was a bit extra, brace yourself for the next frappe frenzy to come out of Starbucks. Rumor has it that the coffee behemoth is rolling out a limited-edition Zombie Frappuccino in celebration of Halloween.

Though it hasn’t been confirmed by the company, a former employee reported on his blog that she got a sneak peek from a “trusted source,” and baristas everywhere are losing their minds.

According to the blog, the monster mashup is a cream Frappuccino made with green caramel apple powder and a pink powder (flavor unknown). The whipped cream and pink drizzle on top? That’s the “brains” of the operation. Back in 2015, one barista took to Instagram to share a similar concoction (below), and while it’s hauntingly creative, it looks rather unappetizing.

If you’re thinking of indulging in this seasonal treat, keep in mind that the exorbitantly sweet drink will likely come with loads of added sugar. A Grande Unicorn Frappuccino had a whopping 59 grams.

The Zombie Frappuccino is rumored to debut on October 26 and will be available for order through Halloween. Since this information leaked online, several baristas have taken to twitter to share their thoughts on the ghoulish matter. The consensus: They’re not excited. So, if you are planning on waiting in line for one of these decadent drinks, remember to be kind to your barista.

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