Balenciaga Wants to Charge You $2,365 To Look Like You’re Wearing a Car Mat

Inspiration comes from funny places when you’re an artist. For Demna Gvasalia, creative director of Balenciaga and head designer at Vetements, that means sources as seemingly disparate as IKEA, sex clubs, DHL, and now, car interiors.

Yep, the $2,365 leather skirt inspired by car mats shown as part of the house’s fall 2017 collection has officially dropped, and people are freaking out. Did I mention it costs over $2,000? And that it looks like a car mat? I did? Okay, cool.

The skirt comes in black and silver leather, and honestly – maybe it’s just the giant “BALENCIAGA” logo at the bottom piquing my shameful hunger for labels – but I kind of covet it.

As several Twitter users have already pointed out, a similar effect could be had by strapping a plastic car mat around your waist and heading out the door, but somehow, that’s just not quite as appealing as sumptuous Balenciaga leather that only appears to be a vehicular accessory.

It’s also worth noting that Gvasalia’s car obsession does not end with skirts. The collection also includes a $2,395 clutch crafted to look like a rear-view mirror, which makes me think that the epitome of chic this season is to look like you stole a car, jacked the parts, strapped them to your person and then set the whole thing ablaze. You heard it here first.

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