May 20, 2024

Backpacker lets Lego man, highlight his adventures in New Zealand, and everything is AWESOME

Over the last 18 months, one man had hislego backpackershow off the beautiful landscapes of the New Zealand countryside and the toy did a better job than just about any human ever could.

Seen here the little guy is flying to Auckland, New Zealand, in style.

Going for adventures through the Auckland regional parks

Going on a boat ride around Auckland Harbour

Watching sunset at the Wanaka tree

Enjoying the amazing Cathedral Cove in the Coromandel

Paddling through a secret hot pool in Rotorua

Abseiling in a native forest in Rotorua

Running from geysers in Rotorua

Watching crazy humans hunt for hot water at Hot Water Beach

Swimming under a waterfall in Whangarei

Checking out the local general store in Colville

Seeing dolphins at Bay of Islands

Checking the view out in Wine Country

Paddling through the Avon River in Christchurch

Checking out some cool street art in Christchurch

Road trip around Canterbury

Light path in Auckland, New Zealand

Paddling through Waikato waterfall

Camping on top of mountains in the Coromandle

Climbing over suspension bridges in a native forest

Watching nature on some of the great hiking trails

Checking out the famous Hanua waterfalls

Seeing large private sculptures at Gibbs Farm

Seeing amazing artworks at Gibbs Farm

Snowboarding down large Sand dunes in Northland

Searching for penguins in the North Island

Watching the surfers at the famous surf break in Raglan

Staying in a treehouse in Raglan

Swimming under a waterfall

Checking out the tallest waterfall in New Zealand – Bridal Falls

Relaxing in natural hot pools

Cycling along the Waterfront

Seeing famous landmarks in Wellington

Watching people bungy jump off a bridge in Queenstown

Seeing the sun come up over the Cardrona Ranges

Exploring the Taupo area

Hiking over the famous Tongariro Crossing

Enjoying Christmas at the beach

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