Babushka Dogs looking like little old Russian ladies

“When will my son return from the war?”

Remembering a cold night in the gulags

“In old country, we no get treat for three or four days”

Grandma would feed you but she already ate it.

“Tell Cersei I want her to know it was me.”

Babushka dog working hard to sell her harvest

Long boy babushka

She knitted it herself

High quality babushka

The blanket calms him down during thunderstorms.

Grandma was feeling chilly.

Long boy babushka 2

“Do you want some Borsch Soup?”

Horrified his babushka is made of his own kind

Please try her potato cakes

When you hear the distant call of the Motherland

It’s been many a year since the turnip crop has been abundant

Excited babushka

Best accidental text message ever

“My grandma, what a big nose you have!”

Kitchen babushka

Babushka boop

When Boris returns from the war

Sad memories of waiting in line for beet rations

“You said you weren’t hungry so I brought you some potato soup, meatballs, stuffed cabbage, and a 1,000 ruble bill.”

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