Feel More Relaxed With These 8 Healthy

If you’re spending more time at home and away from other people, you may not have access to your usual outlets of relieving stress, like going to the gym or group fitness classes, seeing your therapist, or spending time with friends and family.

Here are some healthy ways to de-stress at home. These are fairly inexpensive, and even doing them for a few minutes can help uplift your mood and make you feel calmer.

15 Spotify Playlists That Are Exactly What You Need to Get Better Sleep Tonight

Lullabies aren’t just for kids, and I speak from experience on that. As someone who has always found comfort in listening to relaxing music, there’s nothing I love more than turning on a nice, slow playlist when I need to fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly – and with streaming services like Spotify, it’s easier than ever.

Yes, adopting a consistent bedtime routine can help, but when you need a little something more to help you doze off, try unwinding to one of these soothing playlists.

Accio Credit Card! These Harry Potter Gifts Are Worth All Our Galleons

If you’ve got a Harry Potter-loving Muggle in your life, then consider yourself lucky in 2020. It seems like every year there’s a new crop of clothes, gadgets, and home goods that pay tribute to the wizarding world for all Potterheads out there, and we decided to narrow down this year’s coolest (and most magical!) merch on the market.

From siriusly cool sneakers to a plush Hedwig bean bag chair, there’s nothing here that won’t have any Harry Potter fan fully and completely bewitched. Shop our favorite picks now, and make this year full of magic and more!

So many celebrities and influencers are bringing back this major 90s trend during self-isolation

As Coronavirus continues to spread around the world, more and more people are (finally!) listening to the experts and taking it upon themselves to self-isolate at home.

Those of us lucky enough to have not yet been infected with the virus have spent the last week figuring out how to do our jobs in an entirely new environment away from all of our colleagues.

And while video conference-calling has provided a number of laughs and spending more time with family has its benefits, there’s been the constant question of what to wear.

Regular office outfits feel entirely over the top, while a day spent in pyjamas feels groggy and unproductive.

But it’s not just us office-workers who have been trying to figure out how to strike the balance, with celebrities and influencers also adjusting to the change.

So what have they opted for?

A number of influencers are still eking out old content, decorating our feeds with looks we can only admire from afar right now. Others are keeping it a bit more real, via comfy loungewear separates and chic sweaters.

Several, however, have launched themselves head (and feet!) first into a 90s trend that, frankly, deserved a big resurgence.

The matching tracksuit is all over Instagram right now, with sportier, cuffed hem takes proving just as popular as flared, slim fit versions.

Scroll down for some work-from-home outfit inspo…

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