June 20, 2024

Autumn makeup: a natural incompleteness

Fashion for make-up is as changeable as fashion for dresses. And she comes also from the podiums. By analogy with clothes, where podium options are slightly simplified for everyday wear, make-up comes to the streets with the displays muffled by one or two tones, but preserving the main directions, accents, colors and textures.

A correspondent of SE recognized how to make make-up this fall, and Victoria Panafidina, a well-known stylist of the studio “Unison-Style”, consulted her in this matter.

Fashion trends make-up’a allow you to select only one part of the face

If you are used to painting only your eyes, leaving your lips a little colorless luster, or vice versa – carefully drawing your lips, forgetting about eyelashes and eyebrows, you can continue to do this this fall and, perhaps unexpectedly for yourself, will be in a trend. Incompleteness is the main idea of ​​this season. Accents are done on one thing, not only on the eyes and lips – even on the eyebrows, cheekbones.

And the skin itself can be a strong point. “If before, with a bright shade of lipstick, it was just necessary to make a dense tone, to allocate eyes, today it can be called” overload “, – says Viktoria Panafidina. – A saturated color of lipstick allows you not to touch your eyes, eyebrows, cheekbones, and if you touch, it’s very easy. The same rule applies to every part of the person to whom the emphasis will be placed. ”

We will disassemble in order – from top to bottom.

Eyebrows: natural decorative

Eyebrows – one of the most important elements of the image, they are responsible for the expression. The emphasis on them is very simple. In addition, for several seasons, “graphic” eyebrows are relevant: “Standard color is selected in the tone of the hair, but now it is fashionable to use a darker and more vivid shade, to give the eyebrows a decorative form,” Victoria continues. However, no plucking “in a thread” can not be allowed – “artistry” is attached to a natural, slightly corrected line using a gel, a pencil or eyebrow shadows.

Eyes: gold and smoke

Black “Egyptian” podvodka, unrealistically long lashes of anthracite color – the best and encouraged by fashionable world stylists ways to distinguish the eyes. Bright shades of saturated color should be applied with a wet brush, picking up the eyebrows in the tone of the eyebrows. One of the fashion effects – smoky eyes – is achieved by special feathering of crumbly shadows. The secret is that all used tones merge into one, and thus there is no feeling of dirt. The aces work with their fingers, which begin to arm better not with an applicator, but with a brush. Shadows choose flickering, do not disdain mother-of-pearl, use gold: shine, according to Victoria, – the main trend of makeup this fall.

Skin: Shining Health

Shining skin is another object for accentuation. But here it is important to consider that it should be perfectly healthy – only in this case it will be possible to focus on it. The dullness is not in vogue, the tone is chosen radiant, but we take into account several points: “From the shimmering tone it is necessary to refuse if the face is square or objectively wide – then the radiance will look more like a greasy sheen”, warns the stylist.

Cheeks: appetizing blush

Russian girls are famous in Europe for their outstanding line of cheekbones, so placing an emphasis on them is a sacred matter. When using a shiny tone, rouge is selected not dry, but fatty in texture. As for the color of blush, the shade that appears in the palm of your hand is ideal for a person if you squeeze and unclench your fist. But, of course, there is also a fashionable palette: raspberries and cream, strawberry sorbet, currant syrup, blackberry jam. Choosing these tones, do not forget, or rather forget about the bright makeup of the eyes and lips.

Lips: shine and deliberateness

Well, that’s about the main thing – about the lips. The dullness became fashionable last season, but lasted only a short time – today the glamorous lipstick is again popular: “Mother of pearl, wet effect, radiance, flicker, glitter even on flesh-colored lipstick – this is the armament to meet in autumn”, – assured Mrs. Panafidina. However, there is another fashionable way to create an attractive and relevant image – by applying lipstick, deliberately lubricate her fingers. Do not be scared if the color a little protrudes beyond the lip contour – so sexy. Matte lipstick, left over from last season, you can safely use, shading lip gloss. Now about the color – it is bright and dark. Pure crimson, blood red, burgundy, cherry and even the color of fuchsia, with which, of course, you need to be extremely cautious. In general, the emphasis on the lips, if you really began to paint them,

Modern cosmetic tools allow you to adjust the face no worse than Photoshop. Why not take advantage of this? Correcting, decorating – a good idea. But do not forget that the gentle smile and the glitter of the eyes will not be replaced by any pencils and shadows.

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