Belif’s Hungarian Water Essence is so hydrating you’ll think it’s a serum

Most of the other essences I’ve used feel like you’re patting water onto your face. Belif’s version, though, sinks in quickly and is super hydrating, thanks to the brand’s Hungarian Water Secret.

A special blend that includes rosemary and gotu kola, an Asian herb known to boost collagen and decrease inflammation. Just a few pumps after toner left my dry skin hydrated enough to almost skip moisturiser. Something that’s hard to achieve because I’m all about layering serums, creams, and oils.

I’m pretty well-versed in the 10-step Korean beauty routine. You start with a double-cleanse, then go in with toner to remove any remaining makeup, followed by an essence to prep skin, and then layer a multitude of other products on top of one another.

Although my personal routine isn’t as elaborate, I do use an essence twice a day. So when I was asked to review the Belif Hungarian Water Essence, I thought it would be another water-like product that I just slap on before the rest of my skincare routine. I’m so glad I was wrong.

This doesn’t mean I’m scrapping the rest of my routine. I have other skin concerns besides moisture, so that will never happen. But if I was running late, I wouldn’t mind just a quick cleanse, a few pumps of this essence, and sunscreen before running out the door. I’ve found that its thick texture makes it one of my more versatile skincare products. If I’m feeling really dry, I’ll add a pump to my nighttime moisturiser for some added hydration. I’ll also use it as a makeup primer if I’m not applying foundation right after my skin-care routine in the morning.

You can get your own bottle of the Belif Hungarian Water Essence for £39.94, Amazon UK.

This purple shampoo has so many 5-star reviews for banishing brassiness

Do blondes have more fun? When they have a purple shampoo to hand, they do.

Purple shampoos have the power to breathe fresh life into blonde hair that’s lost its lustre. Purple is on the opposite end of the colour wheel, so works to neutralise yellow, effectively erasing it from our strands. Plus, the best formulas are packed with moisturising properties, helping boost the longevity of your colour and softness of your hair.

One purple shampoo is amassing a host of brilliant reviews for its ability to boost people’s blonde hair and leave it looking as fresh as it did after their last colour appointment.

The shampoo in question is the little-known Fanola’s “No Yellow” Purple Shampoo, which is packed with violet pigment to beat brassy tones, nourish hair and leave ends ‘streak free, smooth and give a satin finish.’

People have been posting their impressive before and after photos of the £9 shampoo’s brilliance alongside positive reviews.

“I’m not usually one for leaving reviews unless I have something to moan about. After one use and leaving on my hair for 5 minutes I can’t believe the difference,” wrote one. She went on to describe her hair was left ‘smelling lovely and feeling silky smooth’ after just one use. She also hailed the product as the best purple shampoo she’s ever used, while other women revealed their hairdressers had been secretly recommending the product for years.

As well as helping boost blonde hair, one woman said the shampoo gave her natural greys a fresh new lease of life, too. “It really got my natural grey and blonde highlights looking shiny, lifted and great. It is better than any toner or purple shampoo I have ever used,” she wrote.

If your blonde hair is lacking the brightness you crave, this could be a purse-friendly option. Here is our definitive guide to the best purple shampoos for every hair type on the market.

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