48 Animated Shows That Your Kids Can Binge on Netflix in 2020

We adults may always be looking for new shows to binge on Netflix, but our kids are usually the exact opposite: they’ll sit contently in front of the same 20-minute episode of a show 300 times before even realizing that they maybe want to tune in to something else.

To prevent you from going crazy (you’re welcome) and to provide your kid with a new world full of exciting characters to jump into, we’ve compiled a list of the best animated shows on Netflix.

Whether you’re looking for something for your child to watch after school, something to teach your toddler words, or something with a ton of seasons so you can get some well-deserved me time while they devour episode after episode, there’s something on this list for every young kid.

Scroll through for the animated shows your child can binge (responsibly) on Netflix (and if they’re in it for the long haul, here are all the kids’ movies streaming on Netflix in 2020).

Frozen Ever After, It’s a Small World, and 8 Other Disney Attractions Your Kids Can Ride Virtually

With both Disney World and Disneyland temporarily closed, the chance to take a whirl on “It’s a Small World” in real life is, for now, impossible. And though parents are doing everything they can to attempt to teach their kids from home (see this list of free educational resources if you need inspiration!), it’s always good to have a few easy-to-do indoor activities in your back pocket. Thankfully, a writer at Jezebel recently noticed that a handful of Disney fans have shared YouTube videos of themselves on rides, which means your little ones can virtually “ride” these popular Disney attractions.

Scroll through to get a look at some of the Disney attractions your family can experience from the couch, from Frozen Ever After to Pirates of the Caribbean.

Mulan Is Pushed and Trolls Will Be On-Demand: See the Other New Kids’ Movies Hopefully Releasing This Spring

We’re not sure what our families did to deserve this Spring’s movie release lineup, but y’all, it is stacked! Between three new Disney movies (one is Pixar!), a Trolls sequel, and brand new SpongeBob Squarepants and Scooby-Doo adventures, there’s so much in store for you and your kids this Spring.

Keep reading for all of the family movies coming out between March 19 and June 19.

25 Disney First Birthday Party Themes That Are So Good, Walt Himself Would Be Proud

There’s no doubt that each birthday in your kids’ life is special, but there are some that mean just a little bit more, and are also a lot more fun to plan than others. But before you go stocking the bar for their 21st birthday blowout, you have to get to the very first one.

The first birthday is a day the parents will treasure forever, even if they’re the only ones who will really remember it. Since you can never go wrong with a Disney theme, we rounded up the most magical ideas of all. Keep reading for the best Disney-themed birthday ideas that will leave your family, friends, and little one in awe.

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