ASOS confirms it will no longer sell cashmere, mohair, silk or feathers

A site that’s been saved to our ‘favourites’ since the day we bought our first laptops, next day delivery, pre-payday friendly prices and up-to-the-minute trends are no longer the only reasons we love ASOS.

In a move that puts animal welfare first, ASOS has banned the sale of all silk, mohair, cashmere, down and feathers from its site.

The fashion e-commerce giant has announced that it will no longer be selling clothes or accessories made from any of the above materials on their platform from January 2019.

ASOS – which sells more than 850 labels – has confirmed that the ban will apply to all brands and vintage sellers they stock, as well as all ASOS own brand items.

Leading the way for compassion in fashion ASOS says the decision to ban these animal-derived materials from their platform is due to animal welfare concerns, a strong stance that has been praised by PETA.

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“PETA applauds ASOS for leading the charge for compassion in fashion,” says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman.

“In response to PETA’s campaigns, consumers are changing the face of the industry by demanding that designers and retailers ditch animal-derived materials in favour of cruelty-free alternatives that look great without causing suffering.”

In May 2018 high street brands Zara, Topshop and H&M pledged to ban mohair following an expose from PETA, highlighting the extreme animal cruelty at angora goat farms in South Africa.

Now AsOS is taking this cruelty-free stance one step further in their decision to ban the sale of silk, cashmere, down and feathers as well as mohair.

From mohair jumpers to goose and duck down coats, these materials are found in most of our wardrobes, but many consumers are unaware of how cruelly these materials are sourced. The mohair, cashmere, down and silk industries exploit countless goats, geese, ducks and silkworms, harvesting these materials for use in the fashion industry using extreme and unnecessary cruelty.

ASOS’ ban means we no longer have to choose between the latest trends and cruelty-free fashion. With so many luxurious and high quality vegan fabrics available, we can’t wait to see the cruelty free alternatives that ASOS will be using from 2019.

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