July 15, 2024

Ashton Kutcher’s Description of Driving With Toddlers Will Make EVERY Parent Nod

Ashton Kutcher knows the struggle, and he captured the challenge perfectly in a hilarious tweet on Wednesday, joking, “If you ever wonder what it’s like driving 2 toddlers. Imagine being a Dj, a vending machine, a taxi driver, and an EMT at the same time. ”

Anyone who’s ever tried to drive around with a toddler – or, gasp, multiple toddlers – understands that it requires some very specific skills and a whole lot of patience.

Honestly, it requires about seven extremely long arms, but since that’s not an option, creativity is necessary.

People praised him for the spot on description, and some offered some key additions in their replies. “And UFC referee, human encyclopedia, and housekeeper,” one person wrote, while another added, “And don’t forget to sing! ” Oh, and as many parents know, it doesn’t exactly end with the toddler stage. As one Twitter user explained, “It’s not just toddlers. It’s just once they get older you have to add in this last line to that sentence: ‘and being told you’re not very good at any of it. ‘”

Let’s just add this tweet to the many times Ashton’s been one truly relatable parent, shall we? See: exhibits A and B ahead.

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