May 25, 2024

Ashley Graham Has Started A Movement With Her Response To Body-Shaming Tweets

Ashley Graham has risen above a cruel troll in the best way possible – by standing up for herself and celebrating her body, of course.

The star responded to some body-shaming tweets from journalist Sameera Khan, which have now been deleted. One shared photographs of Ashley heading out to Tori Kelly’s birthday party in a shimmery gold mini dress, with the caption: “The fat positivity movement is getting out of hand. ” We won’t republish her further cruel comments made about the photographs.

In another tweet, Ashley’s Sports Illustrated cover was shared next to Irina Shayk’s, alongside the tweet: “Studies show that poor, stressed-out men prefer fat women like Ashley Graham. Wealthier men prefer slender women like Irina Shayk. ”

The tweets prompted many to stand up for Ashley, before the star herself clapped back. In direct response to the dress photos, she shared another snap of herself posing in the backless outfit, writing: “Quote tweet this with a photo of you taking ‘fat positivity’ too far. I’ll start. ”

Ashley’s tweet prompted many more women to share their own photos, from swimwear to underwear snaps, holiday memories and everyday selfies. “Is this too far? ” one captions a lingerie picture – another adds of her bikini photo: “Out here glorifying obesity every day with my fine ass. »

Others shared more personal stories with Ashley. “I’m literally my happiest self now and it’s people like you that have helped me become comfortable in my body. Each one of this pictures shows a time when I wore something that was out of my comfort zone and I’m glad I did,” one fan wrote.

Another: “How dare I love this picture of me jumping gleefully into the Mediterranean, on my dream anniversary trip to the Amalfi Coast, with the love of my life. How dare I take things so far as to experience unbridled joy (and unbridled pasta) and self love in this middle aged mom body? ”

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