May 24, 2024

Arsenal Women’s Football Club Are Ready For Anything

“Failures are part and parcel of the game,” Mead tells GLAMOUR. “What’s important is you go again. We’re strong women and we’re strong enough to keep going and keep doing what we’re doing. ” Amen to that.

Women’s football is often praised for being a more welcoming environment than the men’s game, perhaps most clearly illustrated through the amount of openly gay women’s players, compared to the men’s.

There are currently no openly gay footballers in the top flight of English men’s football – understandably, homophobia is rife within the men’s game. In 1990, Justin Fashanu was the first English professional footballer to come out as gay, receiving a vitriolic backlash in the press and by his peers for the admission. He sadly died by suicide in 1998. Since then, tentative steps have been made in the men’s game – most recently with Blackpool’s Jake Daniels becoming the UK’s first professional openly gay male footballer in 32 years.

It’s a different story in women’s football. Although the sport isn’t entirely free from homophobia, it’s decidedly less of an issue. As USA’s World Cup hero Megan Rapinoe said back in 2019, “You can’t win a championship without gays on your team! ” (via The Guardian).

We spoke to Jen Beattie, who plays as a defender for Arsenal and the Scottish National team, about why she thinks the women’s game is so welcoming to LGBTQ+ players.

“I don’t think that this has been a particularly conscious effort within women’s football,” Beattie explains. “LGBTQ+ culture has always come part and parcel within our sport, with players not even feeling the need to address their sexual orientation. ”

She adds that, “LGBTQ+ allyship and inclusivity is important in all sports, not just football, so I would hope that we are setting a good example for future generations of athletes and supporters. ”

Finally, do the Arsenal team have any nifty beauty hacks they’d like to share with GLAMOUR? Mead says, “I try and keep it natural. Appreciate what you look like and enjoy that! ,” adding that, “My tip is if you are using make-up, make sure you use the right shade! ” – something that Il Makiage may just be able to help out with.

We also spoke to Lia Wälti, Arsenal and Switzerland midfielder, who says, “I personally like to have a bit of colour on my face, especially during winter. It can help you make look that little bit fresher! ”

Speaking about the partnership, Dmitri Kaplun, CEO of Il Makiage, said: “Arsenal Women, one of the first and most globally recognised women’s football teams, is shaping the future of the sport every time they step onto the pitch. These incredible athletes personify who the IL MAKIAGE woman is – fierce, powerful, and ground-breaking. »

We couldn’t have said it better.

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