Hailey Baldwin Clearly Has a Thing For Cheeky Swimsuits, and I Don’t Blame Her

Hailey also isn’t afraid to mix and match. While on vacation with Justin, she wore neon pink python briefs with a plain top, both from Triangl.

She completed her beach-ready bikini with a matching pink scrunchie! Ahead, you can find each and every one of Hailey’s sexiest swimsuits from 2019, thus far.

If I’m going to be honest, I think Hailey Baldwin only wears sexy bikinis. The supermodel basically owns every single sultry swimsuit style known to mankind. A string bikini? Check. An animal-print two-piece? You betcha! Polka dots? Duh! While we’re not even halfway through 2019, Hailey’s already worn a bunch of swimsuits that are hard to miss.

She’s even been spotted (pun intended) with husband Justin Bieber wearing a matching polka-dot set by Dolce Gabbana. After all, couples who wear matching outfits together stay together, right?

So far, Hailey has started off the year strong in a neon yellow snakeskin bikini while on a tropical vacation. She obviously loved her Tringl bikini so much, because she posted two shots of it to show off all angles. Hailey also starred in Vogue‘s March issue alongside Justin wearing a Billabong one-piece. She paired the palm-print maillot with her engagement ring and golden Hermès flip-flops. Justin matched his wife in R13 surf shorts, naturally.

Jennifer Garner Manages to Remain Totally Adorable While Playing “Speak Out” With Ellen

Jennifer Garner followed in the footsteps of Chris Pratt, Kerry Washington, and Jimmy Fallon this week when she joined Ellen DeGeneres for a game of Speak Out. It’ll come as no surprise to you that even with a silly plastic accessory contorting her mouth into a grimace, the star recently announced as People‘s Most Beautiful for 2019 managed to remain completely and utterly adorable.

As she garbled and giggled her way through a few rounds of the game (it’s the B that’s the killer!), Jennifer totally won over everyone in the room. Watch for yourself now, then get a reminder of what happened last time she appeared on Ellen’s show.

Kylie Jenner Just Traded Her Naturally Short Hair For Extensions That Practically Touch the Floor

Superlong hair took over the beauty world in 2018. One look at the Met Gala, and it’s clear to see that near-floor-length hair was on its way to world domination. Although 2019 has been full of shaggy lobs, a plethora of blond, and beautiful blunt bobs, it’s safe to say, superlong hair is in it for the long haul. Thanks to celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, the megalong extensions are here to stay.

The latest fan sporting the trend is Kylie Jenner, who swapped her naturally midlength hair for butt-grazing extensions. The business owner wore a superlong braid for Coachella (complete with coconuts, because, well, Coachella) and it appears she’s gone even longer with the extensions. But since she has access to the best hairstylists in the world, she’ll probably change her hair again in 3.. . 2. . .

How Do We Feel About Kim Kardashian’s Sheer, Floor-Skimming Skirt and Sneakers?

Kim Kardashian can manage to pull off the tiniest minidresses without wardrobe malfunctions and the riskiest skirts without looking uncomfortable or visibly breaking a sweat. So, we should hardly be surprised that the TV star can trek through the streets of LA in a floor-skimming, slightly sheer skirt and Yeezy sneakers. Despite the ruching near the waistline of Kim’s bottom, the fabric dragged on the ground, speaking to the fact that, yes, hemlines are getting longer, and the maxi has returned in full force.

Kim showed up to BurgerIM to support her friend Jonathan Cheban’s food endeavors wearing this outfit, which reminds us of the one she wore with her family on Easter. Tight-fitting tanks and long jersey skirts that show off Kim’s curves seem to be just the ticket. Even Kim’s hair length has been recently extended, just like her sister Kylie’s.

We want to know one thing: do you think this is a look that will stick? And if so, would you try it? The Kardashian-Jenners are known for getting the ball rolling when it comes to trends, so we wouldn’t be surprised if everyone we know is pulling off what we’ll call the bohemian sport aesthetic soon. Read ahead to vote, then pick up some essential pieces for rocking this style.

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