You heard it here first! This little-known Australian brand is going to be your go-to summer label

Nothing making our hearts – and our purses – sing faster than finding a new fashion brand to completely refresh our wardrobe.

So if you are seeking outfits for your next holiday, or are just desperately hoping that the UK will serve us up another scorching summer, we’ve found the perfect new e-tailer for you.

Rove Designs is an Australian online fashion brand focused on making outfits with the world traveller in mind – so their outfits are perfect for those Insta snaps you’re bound to take on your next trip.

And if the this wanderlust-based ethos isn’t enough to appease you, we have another nugget of brand info that will: the simple, summer pieces are all ethically made with plant-based fibres in Bali. If that wasn’t enough, they also have 100% biodegradable packaging, too – so we can look great while still being ethically conscious.

The designs are minimalist and chic, and with shipping taking just 5-12 days from Australia, we can’t find an excuse not to add everything to our basket right now.

With Australia’s biggest influencers already showing off their Rove threads all over Insta, it wont be long until the rest of the world is following suit.

So you better act quick, as Byron Bay’s best kept secret won’t be kept under wraps for much longer…

50 Ways to Turn Up the Heat in Your Long-Term Relationship

For anyone who has been in a long-term relationship, there is no single answer on how to keep the spark alive. When you first start dating someone, there is a mixed bag of emotions including butterflies, excitement, and a sense of mystery. As time goes on, your relationship transitions to long-term status, and the initial happiness of the “honeymoon” phase can wear off. Just because you’ve been with someone for what feels like forever doesn’t mean the relationship has to become stale. Challenge yourselves and the relationship! Check out these 50 tips to help keep the romance well and strong for many more years to come.

Please Excuse Me While I Spend the Next Few Hours Laughing at These Captain Marvel Memes

Much to the delight of fans (and dismay of garbage trolls) everywhere, Captain Marvel blasted her way into a historic $153 million box office debut. The film not only boasts Brie Larson’s badass hero, but also a whole ton of feminist themes, an exceptional performance from Lashana Lynch, plenty of Nick Fury’s one-liners, and a truly adorable furry sidekick. So yeah, the resulting memes have been truly top notch.

From commentary solely devoted to Goose (Captain Marvel‘s best character, if you ask me), to some hilarious observations about Skrulls and our collective decision to stan Carol Danvers, the following tweets and Tumblr posts will make you fall in love with the Marvel movie all over again. Check them out ahead, and then find out the amazing way Larson recently rewarded fans!

Instagram’s Trendiest Toothbrush Is Now Available For Kids, and Might Actually Encourage Them to Brush

If you’re active on Instagram, chances are you see ads for Quip toothbrushes more often than photos of your friends – and there’s a likely chance you’ve even caved and purchased one of the trendy electronic brushes, like I did. As a proud owner of a sleek copper Quip toothbrush, I’m confident in saying I have zero regrets buying myself a toothbrush simply because I thought it was “pretty,” as I’m now a much more devoted brusher thanks to Quip’s easy built-in timer system. And now that the brand has released a kids’ line of trendy brushes, oral hygiene can become a true family affair.

If you’re not familiar with Quip, the brand’s promise is to deliver a product that will help you to brush less roughly to align with dentists’ advice, while also providing a sleek product that reduces environmental impact. Each battery-operated toothbrush (no plugs necessary!) comes with a built-in, two-minute timer that splits itself into 30-second intervals, alerting you to switch to another quadrant of your mouth. It’s a helpful system for kids who are just learning to brush their teeth on their own and turns the whole thing into a game.

Plus, the brand makes remembering to change your brush head easy – if you say you haven’t gone far too long without getting a new toothbrush or changing the head on your bulky electronic one, you’re lying – by sending refills of brush heads (and toothpaste!) every three months. You don’t even have to think about it – Quip sends you an email to remind you that it’s sending your refill, and it shows up at your door.

So take “new toothbrush” off your to-do list, grab yourself a Quip, and shop the four adorable colors you can get your kids’ Quip in ahead.

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