Kylie Jenner’s leopard nail art for the New Year

Celebrities and manicurists also got creative with contrasting tips, breathing new life into the look by using unexpected colour combinations. More of that creativity is exactly what nail artist Miss Pop recently told Allure to look forward to in the new year, saying, “In 2020, we’ll be forgoing the traditional pink-and-white French combo.” And right on cue, Kylie Jenner is indicating that we won’t be seeing just nontraditional shade pairings but also intricately patterned tips, too.

You already know that the French manicure saw a major renaissance in 2019, with celebrities like Ashley Graham, Beyoncé, and Bella Hadid bringing attention to the classic pink-and-white combo.

On Saturday, December 28, Jenner shared photos and videos to her Instagram grid and Stories indicating that she’d moved on from her metallic green Christmas manicure to something a more animalistic: specifically, a leopard-print French manicure.
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In the images, taken behind the wheel of her Bugatti and in a kitchen, Jenner shows off the manicure against the trim of her baby-blue velour tracksuit. The base color, a matte beige, is a nearly exact match for her skin tone, making her cuticles almost invisible from some angles. But it’s the tips that are especially impressive – they’re painted in a tan shade and intricately patterned with leopard spots in black. As usual, her nails are coffin-shaped and super-long, creating a perfect canvas for Los Angeles nail artist Chaun Legend.

Although Jenner’s leopard French manicure is sure to inspire others to try the look, she’s not the first to do it. Instagram has seen a number of leopard French manicures and proved there are so many ways to make it your own. Check out some of our favourites.

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