Here’s what your star sign has in store for Valentine’s Day

Here, Ann-Louise Holland, Shamanic Homeopath Astrologer, reveals what your star sign has in store for the week of love, also known as the annual celebration that divides the nation like no other.

Valentine’s Day is swiftly upon us and whether you’ve got a hot date lined up at a romantic restaurant or a Galentine’s gathering in the diary, love will be in the air.


Venus, the planet of love, is in your own sign this Valentine’s, AND Juno, the marriage broker is in your house of relationships, so what are you waiting for Aries? The combination of this heart centred planet and the asteroid that promotes long term relationships are going to draw out your romantic side, so it’s time to turn up the dial on love and make a bold gesture to get what you want, or rather, who you want.

Venus is inviting you to take a pause from your busy work schedule and look at love and what it really means to you – is there room for a significant other on your ride? If not, start making plans for two, as at the same time Mars, the sex God, is opening doors of opportunity that it would be churlish to miss. This is all playing right into your hand, so you can up the love sexy stakes this Valentine and see what a pair of Mrs Miller’s hand made, vintage style stockings does for your heart and its intended target.


If you have ever been hurt before in love, this Valentine’s is time to let that go…love planet, Venus is sitting in your 12th house of the sub-conscious and the hidden, along with Chiron, the Wounded Healer. This doesn’t mean you are going to get hurt, no, these two planets want you to heal any old hurts that might be creeping their way into your current love options to make you feel like what happened before, will happen again.

Venus wants you to feel really good about yourself, so that you don’t repeat patterns, and Uranus in Taurus right now, is shaking your world to allow totally new (and maybe a little crazy) things to pan out, so you can forget these old and painful dynamics and draw in new love and new healthier life ideas. Taurus is the sign of the body and any sensual down time is your Valentine forte, healing the mind via the body with a fabulous body cream such as Zeg Vitamin D Body Cream, which is literally a ray of sunshine to smother yourself with, that no one can resist.


Are you ready for deeper love this Valentine Gemini? The Saturn Pluto conjunction has been urging you to take a serious look at where you might be avoiding intimacy with your more playful, light-hearted attitude, and instead, see the potential in making a deeper connection with someone special. Mars the planet of sex and personal ambition is all set to prompt you further into proper commitment, so it is time to consider what you really want in your life.

Venus the love planet joins up with Chiron the Wounded Healer in your social house for Valentine’s and the combination of these two is opening your eyes to where you might be wasting time and energy by spreading yourself so thinly across your social network. Your magnetism is at an all-time high, so don’t get distracted Gemini; Venus is inviting you to open your heart and allow some love in, even if this is a scary thought for you. A cosy bonding experience, that’s just right for the sign of the twins is to get matching monogrammed lounge suits by Forever Sewing and let’s a significant other know you are serious about them exclusively.


With three big planets in your house of relationships for Valentine’s, there’s a lot going on for you dear Cancer and you can take it as a sign the cosmos wants you to improve and upgrade in the love stakes. Whilst you might ask the question, ‘should I stay or should I go’, this is really about seriously addressing any issues in your love life that affect the status quo, yet simply aren’t relevant anymore. Letting go of these and not the person will catapult your relationship (or your chances of a relationship if you are single) further into the future than you can imagine.

Love planet Venus is sitting on the highest point in your chart, highlighting what really is possible when you put your heart and your values first, which you must. As well as Venus in a future orientated place, the North Node destiny point is still in Cancer, bringing hints and ideas for how you can create your dream love life. Gifting yourself or your partner, Cancer’s moon stone in this gold signet ring by Seol + Gold is sure to signify that you are moving on to somewhere special this Valentine.


Venus the planet of love is in your house of travel and adventure for Valentine’s Leo, so either you should be looking further afield for love, or it’s time for a romantic mini break. Venus in this part of your chart is all starred to break new horizons and potentially new love, but since she is sitting on Chiron the Wounded Healer, the lions have to take Venus more seriously and look at what is holding you back from going for what you really want and desire.

The disruption caused by the three major planets in your house of health and daily chores is perhaps not making things easy, so you do have to consider your health dear Leo. Looking after yourself so you feel fabulous again is what is going to attract your admirers since mystery planet Neptune in your house of sex and intimacy is increasing your magnetism and appeal. Get yourself fit and ready for adoration by feeding your luscious mane with these super-charged hair nutrients by Kansha Alchemy.


When you always look as well turned out as you do, it’s hard to imagine needing a make-over but the three planets in your house of self-expression…and of love affairs, are inviting you to do just that, to re-think how your careful efficiency could be turned into super-cool expertise, upping your chutzpah significantly. Making this happen, even if it is just a mind-set shift, is going to help Venus, planet of love, in your house of sex and intimacy, to dial up the desire for Valentine’s.

Venus is sitting with Chiron the Wounded Healer here and is inviting you to look at the blocks you build to creating more intimacy and also more sex…so be brave lovely Virgo, mystery planet Neptune in your house of relationships is opening you up to deeper experiences with your loved one. This ethically sourced, all natural CBDoil massage candle by Yūgenial is ideal to enhance the loving mood for Valentine’s, just light it up and melt away.


If wedding bells are on your mind, it’s probably because Juno, the marriage broker asteroid is in Libra right now and turning your attention to long-term marriages, whether that is business or pleasure…however, as Venus is working through your house of relationships for Valentine’s we can safely say you are in the right zone to hear those bells. However, not so fast, Venus is sitting right on Chiron, the Wounded Healer in this house of love, so there are some issues with loved ones you need to look at before you get your subscription to Brides.

You do like to keep things harmonious but remember that loved ones want to look after you too, so in the spirit of Chiron coming along to heal things, speak up about how you feel and let someone else make the effort to please you for a wee change. You might be in the middle of shifting you priorities around the home, with three planets in your home sector, so whilst you work on this literal or virtual house move, Uranus the planet of surprises is set to bring you some totally unexpected gifts to light the flames for Valentine’s. The balancing principles of yin and yang are at the heart of The Harmonist Metal Flowers unisex fragrance, so you can share a scent with your partner or match to your elemental mood.


Whilst you are busy writing your thesis or dealing with colleagues’ issues, with three major planets in your writing and close environment zone, Venus the planet of love, is set to sprinkle sparkles on your daily life and lift you out of the dullness of these humdrum chores just in time for Valentine’s. Venus is all set to upscale and upgrade your existence with some Valentine excitement, yet these do come with a caveat that you must go easy with yourself and treat yourself how you would like others to treat you…Chiron the Wounded Healer with Venus in this sector wants you to trust that good things are going to happen and take extra care not to self-sabotage any opportunities out of low expectations.

And opportunities there will be, for manifesting more love and/or a love partner as Uranus, the planet of change in your house of relationships will keep things fresh and interesting. Scorpio, you do love intrigue and this Cross Calais classic black fountain pen to gift or keep is the best way to write to you mystery Valentine.


Love planet Venus is in your house of self-expression and love affairs for Valentine’s, so it’s looking likely you will be playing your ‘A’ game in the love stakes and people are going to notice. Although Chiron the Wounded Healer is also sitting with Venus, it brings a deep sensitivity to your attitude and thought process, so you can act with integrity and grace, whilst being seen as the prize race horse that you are. At the same time Mars, the God of sex and ambition is working wonders for your mojo in Sagittarius and nothing attracts love like Mars and Venus, both in fire signs, when they work in unison like this.

You are literally ‘on fire’ with the love aspects, so you can expect good things to happen. The three major planets in your house of resources are providing you with a new set of life skills, but this does mean letting go of old behaviours and re-evaluating where you are in life. Whilst the planet are giving you the edge, perhaps one of Rebecca Wilson’s female empowerment and connection, Womb Circle events will help you hold on to the deep satisfaction that is to come.


As the goats are the captains of industry, we are all set to follow the things they are developing now, well into the future, as the three big planets in Capricorn (Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto) are overhauling everyone’s working lives and this is a big responsibility but one you super-sure goats can handle. Whilst epic changes to your personal life and personal style play out, Venus, planet of love will be sitting in your home sector for Valentine’s along with Chiron, the Wounded Healer and together they bring up complex feelings around your position within the family and the home, and some of the learned patterns you inherited from your parents, perhaps their expectations too.

Maybe it’s time to break with their tradition and forge something fit for the future. Whether at home or in the office, you want to make it a success and as Mars, God of sex and ambition moves into Capricorn straight after Valentine and starts to work with Uranus, planet of surprises, you are elevated onto a fabulous winning streak in life and love. This super classy Rose Gold Illuminating Eye Mask from 111Skin will channel divine radiance to keep your eyes looking good and on the target.


Venus, planet of love is opening your eyes to people and things around you that need your love and attention this Valentine’s, bringing a new awareness and sensitivity to how you connect with your friends, people and your environment. Mars, the planetary God of sex and ambition will be working wonders in your social sector, so there will be opportunities by the truckload for you to meet new people who interest and excite you, and inspire you to operate on a more dynamic level making super cool connections with friends and colleagues – and amongst the crowd, there could be someone special for Aquarian singles.

Three major planets are deconstructing your inner world as you begin to realise you are capable of so much more and upgraded software would help you run better programmes. You like to try new and daring things so the freedom and empowerment that comes with naked yoga at Embodywork Therapies appeals to your ideas of body positivity that is missing in humanity.


Venus, planet of love is inviting you to reassess your skill set and perhaps think about what you have to give to the world at large, and this means understanding what value you bring to so many situations, not just your career – it’s time to increase your self-worth which will enable you to receive more satisfaction from what you do and in turn, your inner light will start to get you noticed more – and by the right people or person!

The three big planets meeting in your social sector are taking you in a new direction, away from the comfort of the familiar friendship circle and into the arms of a crowd who have no pre-conceived ideas about you and this feels like a fresh start for you. At the same time, Juno, the marriage broker asteroid in your house of intimacy and sex, is opening doors to deeper connections and more honest love and lovers. Nurturing your artistic side by visiting one of the Affordable Art Fairs where art is within reach is interesting and inspiring for any art lover.

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