Apparently, condoms are the survival tool no one should leave home without

Whether you’re a weekend hiker, a frequent camper or a forward-thinking doomsday prepper with a perpetually-packed ‘bug out’ bag, you always need to make sure you have a full kit of supplies. You never know what’s gonna happen out there, so you need to be prepared.

So while this site lists the usual things like matches, a utility knife, extra food and a fully charged battery are standard, there are some non-traditional items you should have. Like condoms.

As it turns out, bringing along non-lubricated, no-spermacide condoms will actually do a lot to save your life, and not just in the “avoid getting pregnant” way. Like actually save your life. Just make sure you pack enough for both survival and fun.

Bet you’ll be glad you brought them.

To carry and store water

Obviously, condoms are designed to be water tight, but the amount that they can stretch is insane. Most condoms can hold roughly 2 litres of fluid, if handled correctly. That’s a lot of water.

The downside is, though, like a water balloon, the more you fill it, the more fragile it gets and the slightest bump can slit the rubber and you’ll lose all that water.

A broken condom is always bad news, no matter the context.

Therefore, you need to protect it. Survivalists suggest you use a sock or a t-shirt to cover the condom and keep it stable. Then, you just need to protect your precious water.

A note, however, from the experts. If you’re packing a condom in your survival kit for this purpose, just remember to bring along some water purification tablets too. No one wants that beaver fever that only contaminated water can provide.

Keep your feet dry

There’s nothing worse than wet feet in a survival/hiking situation. It can lead to blisters, skin irritations, and infection. You can easily slip a condom over your feet, preferably over your socks, to keep everything dry.

You can use it to start a fire

The condom’s got multiple uses when it comes to fire. The first is that you can use it to keep your tinder dry. When you’re out hiking and the weather is cooperating, collect the dry tinder and stuff it in a condom. You never know if the weather is gonna shift later and everything is going to get wet.

You can also use the condom directly to start a fire. One way would be to make a fire balloon. By filling the condom with water and using it like a magnifying glass to focus the sun onto your tinder, you can start a flame.

Or, you can burn the condom directly. If you have a lighter or matches, a latex condom will ignite immediately and burn for a few minutes – enough to help your tinder and wood catch fire.

Condoms to the rescue, again.

Use them to make a slingshot

Most survivalists will tell you that one of the key skills in the woods is to be able to hunt for food, with things that you can find around you. One way, would be to fashion a slingshot out of condoms. The latex used in them isn’t all too different from the legit slingshot slings, so why not. We all know how stretchy condoms can be.

By putting several condoms inside one another to increase the force that you’ll be slinging with, and holding it all together with duct tape, you can make a wicked weapon. You can watch a video of one guy’s construction HERE!

It’s pretty vicious. Never mind a survival situation, might need this for some pesky racoons in the backyard.

Use them for first aid

Again, highlighting that the best type of condom for this would be the un-lubricated, basic kind. In a worst case scenario, you can use a condom as a rubber glove to protect you and the wound from infections and contamination.

You can also snip off the end with your utility knife and use the condom as a sheath to hold gauze, bandages or foreign objects stable, while you’re waiting for rescue. They also make a great tourniquet.

Protect your rifle barrel

If you’ve got your rifle with you, then you can use a condom to keep your barrel protected. According to both hunters, as well as soldiers who’ve served in the Middle East, condoms are a great way to prevent sand/mud/water from getting inside and incapacitating your weapon.

Always remember to wrap it up to protect yourself. Always. It’s just common sense.

Use them as a fishing bobber

While I’m sure you can find other things to use as a fishing bobber, a condom works well too. If you either fill it with air, or shove in some cattail fluff, you can get some decent bobbing action going to catch those fish.

Use it as a tie-down

If you need to secure something to a pack or tie down a tarp, there’s enough strength and stretch in the condom to allow you to pretty much secure anything you need.

No need to pack those extra bungee cords.

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