Apparently, Cats Get Pimples Just Like the Rest Of Us

Cat acne can be credited to stress (same), poor grooming, lack of exfoliation, and the use of plastic bowls. Step one to relieving your cat’s pimples is to change the bowl from plastic to stainless steel or glass.

Then, step up their skin care routine – yea, we’re serious. Pick up some pet-friendly medicated wipes, or if the condition is persistent, consider the prescription-strength steroid stuff. Or, you can treat your favorite furry friend to your favorite face mask as one Instagrammer did below.

You never have to feel alone in your struggle with pimples again. Apparently, your cat gets them, too. It’s called feline acne, and while some cats may experience only a few breakouts, others can be plagued by blemishes their entire (nine) lives. We know the feeling.

“Dogs don’t really get ‘acne,’ per se,” Andrew Rosenberg, DVM, DACVD, at Riverdale Veterinary Dermatology, told Refinery29. The little bumps and red areas of inflammation that may look like pimples are most likely just that, inflammation of irritated hair follicles. Cats, on the other hand (er, paw), get blackheads and whiteheads just like the rest of us. They even break out in the same common places we do, like the chin.

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