April 17, 2024

Anxiety Could Be the Reason Why Some People Want To Apologize For Everything

It’s what tells them that they have done something wrong, or that someone is lying. It creates all kinds of destructive scenarios in their heads that they feel like they are going mad. Next thing you know, they say sorry for something you least expect.

Anxiety could be the reason why some people have doubts in their minds, making them question everything and everyone. It gives people disturbing thoughts that keep them up at night. It makes them doubt really good people, including themselves.

Maybe you think that there’s no need for them to apologize for something so absurd, but they feel relieved when they do it. So many thoughts have occupied their minds about that particular matter that they are now convinced they have done or said something wrong.

And, apologizing for that matter seems logical and necessary for their peace of mind.

Anxiety makes people see problems where they aren’t really any. The truth is, the problems are only in their head, but they can’t see it.

Anxiety Is the Reason Why Some People Want To Apologize For Everything

They can’t see that their anxiety is making them apologize for talking too much, overthinking, trying too much, texting too much, caring too much, and sometimes for coming on too strong. Next thing you know, they apologize for apologizing.

This condition makes them feel guilty for being themselves as they constantly wonder if people like them the way they are. They wonder if people will take something they have done or said the wrong way. There’s always the “what if” scenario in their head.

It’s just hard for them to accept who they are and be proud of that – and that’s because of their anxiety. They fight a difficult internal battle for trying to control the condition that’s been controlling them for too long.

Anxiety ruins things before they even begin as in their mind they have already done or said something to end it. It’s the reason they doubt themselves and everything they see. It’s what shakes their self-worth and self-confidence, and the reason why sometimes they want to hide from everyone.

Anxiety makes them wonder why someone hasn’t answered their message as fast or elaborate as they expected.

It’s a difficult condition that prevents them from forgetting their mistakes. In fact, it often reminds them of the times they messed up so that they could never forgive themselves even if others have forgiven them.

Anxiety tortures them mentally and emotionally. It prevents them from enjoying the moment and appreciating the things and people in their life. It doesn’t allow them to see how happy they as it keeps them in the worst periods of their past.

It keeps them up at nights thinking about their mistakes, the “what-ifs,” and the things that still haven’t happened. Anxiety keeps them worried all the time, not letting them enjoy life. They just care too much about what people think.

They are afraid of disappointing the ones they love as they don’t want to see them hurt, and that’s why they apologize all the time.

So, they hide their feelings and fears, pretending like they are not exhausted from the night spent thinking about something they never did and never will.

Unfortunately, anxiety has a huge effect on their life, and all they can do to get a little relief from the intrusive and destructive thoughts is to apologize. So, if someone in your life says sorry more often than needed, try to understand them and accept them the way they are.

That person is probably struggling to understand themselves, so don’t make them even harder. Instead, tell them that no one is perfect and that we all make mistakes.

Do your best to help them realize they need to accept and love the person they are, and not to feel sorry for everything they do or say, as that’s what makes their personality unique.

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