Anti-aging effect

Many have already made sure that the program of purification and rejuvenation in the sanatorium “Revital Park” is really effective and effective. Perhaps, every woman wants to preserve her youth and beauty.

After all, you always want to look younger, slimmer and well-groomed.Meanwhile, the well-known saying “beauty is an expression of the health of the body” does not always fit into the framework of the modern way of life. The intense rhythm of reality, the notorious “work, children, home, way of life” does not contribute to obtaining the necessary results.

Achieve a beauty, freshness, real youth and transformation will help a unique program of anti-aging in the sanatorium “Revital Park” – not without reason in the eponymous Moscow sanatorium patients come from all over the country. Now this program is also presented in Novosibirsk.

The essence of this program is reduced to the fact that on the basis of the course of phytotherapy, a reasonable combination of various methods of healing is provided by the patented author’s method of Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor FN. Romashov. “Revitalization” is not a set of all known cleansing procedures based on starvation, such as enema and liver oil cleaning, conducted in the hospital.

This technique is the result of the work of well-known medical specialists of M.S.Bershtein and doctor of medical sciences, phyto-therapeutist FN. Romashova, which harmoniously combines the cleansing procedures, modern technologies of healing, and traditional medicine, and spa-improvement.

This method has been used for more than six years in the famous Moscow “Sanatorium” Revital Park “. The effectiveness of the anti-aging course was tested not only by patients from all over the country, but also by many celebrities. “We spent the twelve wonderful days with the maximum benefit for our health and appearance,” tell the soloists of the Mirage group Natalia Gulkina and Margarita Sukhankina, who underwent a program of cleansing and rejuvenating the organism of the Revital clinic.

In preparation for the shooting of a new film, when it was necessary to quickly drop a few extra pounds, a cleansing program in the clinic “Revital” was a famous actress Larisa Guzeeva, who genially played a role in the film “Cruel Romance.” “Most of all I liked professionalism and delicate attitude to clients,” Larissa Guzeeva shared her impressions. “Here, experts are interested in the health of the client for real, and not in tribute to the new trendy direction.”

So, revitalization guarantees weight loss, and yet the most important thing in it is the obvious rejuvenation effect, pronounced in the facial and body skin lifting, which is achieved due to the unloading and dietary therapy combined with spa procedures. 

This program is softer and natural for the body, and therefore, for its use, fewer medical contraindications. Moreover, especially for those who do not tolerate hunger or refuse to starve altogether, the program can be held on a specially selected menu, avoiding starvation. At the same time, the effect from the passed course will be terrific in both cases.

It is important to understand that this program is a medical program, primarily aimed at restoring the disturbed metabolism through cleansing. A lot of medical and spa procedures that are carried out make it very intensive, and therefore it is possible to perform such treatment only in a hospital under the supervision of specially trained specialists.

Technologies of the treatment process, accepted standards of work are no different either in the Novosibirsk “Sanatorium Revital Park”, or in the Moscow sanatorium “Revital”. The authors of this program strictly monitor compliance with all standards and process technologies.

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