Anthropologie’s Paint Colors with Farrow Ball Are Everything

We wish it was as easy as deciding you want to paint your walls light blue, but of course, it’s not. From there, you must determine if you’d rather a robin’s-egg blue or more of a periwinkle, or maybe sky-blue is more your thing.

How about cornflower-blue or something more turquoisey? You can see where things start to get verrrry overwhelming in the paint-choosing department. But today, Anthropologie is stepping in to save our color-addled brains – the brand just launched a palette of 132 interior paint colors created in partnership with British paint and wallpaper company Farrow Ball. This being a palette curated by Anthro, every single one of the hues is romantic. As in, you really, truly can’t go wrong.

SHOP NOW : Yellowcake No. 279 by Farrow Ball, from $110 for one gallon, anthropologie.com

SHOP NOW : Breakfast Room Green No. 81 by Farrow Ball, from $110 for one gallon, anthropologie.com

All of the paint colors can be bought on anthropologie.com alongside the kitchen towels and trinket dishes, but the best part? A bunch of them are shown in an Anthro-esque space so you see the color’s greatness in a real-life setting.

Chocolate-brown paint (the shade is technically called Mahogany No. 36) sounds downright terrifying in theory, but when you see it in practice – coating a small hallway, finished with a subtle sheen – you realize it totally works.

SHOP NOW : Nancy’s Blushes No. 278 by Farrow Ball, from $110 for one gallon, anthropologie.com

Speaking of finishes, there are five to choose from, ranging from chalky matte (Estate Emulsion) to super shiny (Full Gloss). Anthro explains each in the details of the color’s page to help you sort it out. Of course, the only real way to know the paint is 100 percent perfect for your space is to order the $8 sample pot and test it out on your walls first. Hey, Anthro is already making you feel like a paint pro. You might as well commit to the title and take the extra step.

SHOP NOW : Oval Room Blue No. 85 by Farrow Ball, from $110 for one gallon, anthropologie.com

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