May 30, 2024

Animal print nails are like florals for spring (big news) – here are our fave fresh designs

I’m with Pat Butcher on this one, animal print is the ultimate neutral. It can go with anything and – bonus – it can add a little extra interest to your outfit. Do you see nude doing that? Didn’t think so.

You’ve got to love a classic. Florals for spring may not be groundbreaking in the same way that animal print for autumn is predictably ubiquitous. Does it mean we should skip it? Not a chance. Does it mean we should make it our own with a fancy new spin? Now we’re talking…

Anyone who loves a silky leopard slip skirt with a basic T-shirt will know: animal print is the perfect combo of chic and sexy, which sounds like exactly our kind of party.

The trick? Make it your own. And this applies to your mani, too.

Animal print mani for minimalists

If you’re a minimalist, a dinky cheetah Frenchie might be more your bag.

Animal print for maximalists

If you’re a maximalist, XXL the length and apply your a wild streak in hi-vis red.

Animal print mani for trend-setters

If you’re a trend setter, you’ll already know the reverse French is set to be a banger this autumn, so cuff your cuticle with a half-moon print. And if you want to go extra, colour your tips in, too.

Fun print, neutral colour

How to make a cow print look both fun and classic? Update a trad Frenchie with the print in a neutral colour.

Hardcore animal print mani

A python mani doesn’t say “shy and retiring” it says “I’m fabulous, don’t mess with me. ” Yes ma’am.

Barely there animal print

A classic milky pink with a low-key kick thanks to the white print overlay.

Classic twist animal print

Tortoiseshell nails are an autumn staple. Ultra neat and ultra glossy will keep them feeling modern, plus you can add extra accents like a shot of lightning silver through the centre.

Cute and chic animal print

Our obsession with lilac continues. Pair it with a classic brown cow print over the top and you’ve got yourself an adorably chic design.

Fierce animal print

Sultry leopard print with with a pointed stiletto shape? That’s pretty powerful.

Assortie tortie

Mash up a classic tortoiseshell with an assortment of swoosh shapes and colours.

Clean cow

Keep it clean with an ultra neat, nude base, then nod to the animal print trend with cut-off cow print.

Vibrant tortoise

Pure autumn vibes and those delicious spiced colours.

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