Angelina Jolie, 13 beauty facts

Towhat makeup is the actress? How much is her beauty? BeautyHack reveals the secrets of the most discussed Actresses.

Анджелина Джоли, 13 бьюти-фактов

1) Angelina Jolie drinking a lot of water (at least three litres a day) to improve metabolism. She prefers pure spring water, juices without sugar and ginger tea.

2) the Figure of the Hollywood stars are actively discussing in the media, accusing it of excessive thinness. Despite this, the actress admits that just adheres to proper nutrition is eating a lot of raw vegetables, steamed fish and light soups.

Анджелина Джоли, 13 бьюти-фактов

3) low carb foods rich in protein – the primary preference of Jolie. They help to strengthen the muscles and permanently give the actress the power.

4) a Lot of time Angelina puts on the sport: in addition to the traditional Pilates and yoga she practices kickboxing and rowing. Favorite exercise actress – lunges with twisting.

Анджелина Джоли, 13 бьюти-фактов

5) at Least once a month Jolie visits his cosmetologist – Dr. David Colbert. Her favorite treatment is the “Triad Facial” – includes microdermabrasion, exposed to the laser, peeling lavender acid and light therapy. The cost of one procedure – $ 800.

6) the Actress never uses the scrub and soap for the face, preferring to clean the skin with mild natural lotions.

Крем для лица La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream 

7) Swiss cosmetics La Prairie – Favorit Jolie, and her favorite cream – Skin Caviar Luxe Cream. It is a great complement to cosmetic procedures and helps the 41-year-old actress to maintain the youth and smoothness of the skin.

Масло Belly Butter, Bella Mama8) During and after pregnancy, the star used by luxury brand Bella Mama. According to Angelina, butter Belly Butter helps to moisturize the skin and prevent stretch marks.

9) Plump lips – the most recognizable feature of Angelina Jolie. Amazingly, but caring for them the actress is very simple – in the morning and evening causes healing balm Blistex.

Тональный флюид Veil Fluid Makeup, Hourglass и консилер Secret Camouflage, Laura Mercier10) Casual makeup, Jolie is also simple: sunscreen, moisturizing concealer Veil Fluid Makeup from Hourglass, the concealer Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage and translucent powder. The actress never uses blush.

11) Jolie take good care of the hair, but prefers to use a small amount of money, not to overload them. Likes the shampoos and conditioners organic brand, Aveda, and always gets on the tips a little oil.

12) Angelina changed a lot of artists – like so many other famous Actresses had failed to avoid errors in makeup. Now she adheres to the principle of “simpler is better” and often appears in public with natural makeup and only occasionally – with “Smokey eyes”.

13) more recently, the actress became the face of the new fragrance Mon Guerlain, Guerlain. About how star inspired the perfumer here.

Text: Anastasia Speranskaya

Анджелина Джоли, 13 бьюти-фактов

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