April 12, 2024

Andrew Fitzsimons Uses This £11 Hair Product On All His A-List Clients & It’s The Ultimate Lazy-Girl Hack

What’s your best tip for incredible hair? I asked him to spill all the hair tea below… The biggest thing is “figuring out the steps between your hair type and the style that you want to achieve. What are the products that will help, help get you there? ” Andrew says.

“A lot of people, when they’re styling their hair, they don’t use any styling products until the end,” he says, but you need to be choosing the right products when you’re in the shower, when you’re prepping the hair, when you’re styling it and when you’re finishing it.

“You need to build a scaffolding in order for the structure to work and to have longevity. ”  The products you use of course, will differ depending on the style that you’re trying to create, but there is one product Andrew swears by for every style, hair type and client…

What one product or ingredient do you swear by?

“I created a leave-in conditioner called AF1 £11, from his Andrew Fitzsimons hair line which I recommend for all hair types. I use it with a hundred percent of my clients, every single time because it’s basically everything that I need for a hairstyle: de-frizzing, detangling, shine, heat protection, humidity protection – a million different things. Also, it has bonding technology so it restructures your hair from the inside out. It’s basically like taking your vitamins in the morning.

People are really experimenting with hair, but hair is so fragile. Just like protecting skin with SPF, I would recommend incorporating a restructuring leave-in-conditioner if you don’t want split ends or damage. Not only are you preparing your hair for whichever style you’re about to create, and making sure that you’re not doing any further long term damage, but also, you’re restructuring your hair from the inside out with bonding technology. » It’s the ultimate lazy girl hack since it can make your hair look pretty in the short term, and healthier in the long-term. “I have bonding technology in every single non aerosol product that I have. So whether you’re using a curl cream, the leave-in-conditioner, or a blow dry cream for shine, they all have bond technology. Even if you don’t know it, I’m trying to repair your hair while you’re styling, because you should be able to work smarter not harder. ”

Andrew Fitzsimons AF1 Restructuring 10-in-1 Leave-In-Conditioner

Do you always use your own products?

“A hundred percent. I don’t use any products other than my own, which is a flex. To sit down in front of the most famous people in the world – who are used to the best of the best – and put out all of my products and them go: ‘these are beautiful. ’ I’m like, well they’re £9 in Boots. So tell your friends! The biggest compliment for me has been clients asking for more products. ”

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