This lingerie brand is made for literally EVERY body

That’s why, when we hear of a brand going that extra mile in the name of diversity, we pay attention and spread the love. US-based lingerie brand Parfait is an inclusive range of underwear made for women of every size.

There’s bras in over 30 styles (who even knew that many bra styles existed?) in band sizes 30 to 44, and cup sizes A to K, while pants are available in sizes XS to 4XL.

We know the fashion industry is gradually making steps to be more inclusive (remember Montana Brown’s swimwear line and Figleaves’ body-positive range?), but sometimes it can feel like we still have an impossibly long way to go.

Not only is it some of the most inclusive sizing we’ve ever seen of a lingerie brand, but the range of models Parfait use in their campaigns is incredibly diverse. Just a quick scroll through their Instagram shows women with stretch marks, cellulite, prosthetic limbs, dwarfism, women in wheelchairs, and skin conditions such as vitiligo.

“We are a size-inclusive lingerie brand on a mission to help women find bras that fit well and feel good,” Parfait writes on their website. “Our founders, Ken Zhang, Kevin Lai, and Anthony Chan, recognised a need in the lingerie industry for full bust lingerie at an affordable price point and created Parfait in response… Since 2010, we have stayed true to our mission of delighting our customers around the world with fashion.”

Parfait has a network of 700 stores across US, UK, Hong Kong and Canada. To find your nearest store, use the stockist locator tool on their website (we know how we’ll be spending our lunch break).

We’re delighted to see a lingerie brand doing everything they can to celebrate the extraordinary diversity of women’s bodies. Take a bow, Parfait.

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