June 21, 2024

And how do you relax?

The rhythm of today’s days is intense and tense. Being in such a turbulent life, it is unlikely that any of us will be able to answer the question “How do you relax? ” Just as in that joke – “And I do not strain. ”

Remember how it is difficult to fall asleep because of an inordinate desire to plan tomorrow and accommodate all the necessary things in it and how difficult it is to go home, leaving work at work. In this article, we decided to tell you about the oldest method, which, in addition to the ability to relax, will give you many more useful results. Meet: meditation.

Meditation from time immemorial has firmly entered the national and religious cultures of many countries, especially the countries of the East, where contemplation and sensitivity to oneself and the world are valued. Practically in all cultures it is understood as the process of achieving the state of “pure consciousness” – a state of relaxation, of being “here and now”, in which internal dialogue is stopped and sensitivity to external objects is reduced.

The meditator becomes capable of limiting concentration on the chosen object or on his inner world. Try at least a few minutes to think about some subject or not to think at all. Soon you will find that thoughts dissipate, jump and switch to anything. The silence of the mind was not there, but the object of attention, if it was, remains unknown.

And how do you relax?

Himself a healer

In a state of meditation, however, mostly unconsciously, there are inspired poets, musicians and artists. By nature, children are also meditative: they are innocent, there is no past or future for them, they easily and with great enthusiasm comprehend the world and everything that comes to their eyes. For us, meditation is the key to the ability to relax, get rid of fuss and haste, find peace and peace in your soul.

“The perception of modern man is directed mainly to the outside world, which leads to dissociation with oneself, with their needs. And meditation is primarily carried out to feel, feel.

She immerses a person in its depth, where many things become clear, many problems are clear. As a consequence, it calms and harmonizes. And the achieved state can serve as a launching pad for further development of oneself – one’s memory, thinking, intuition, “the psychotherapist, co-organizer of the Mevlana Center for Personal and Spiritual Growth (formerly Osho Center), tells about the effects of meditation.

In addition, some researchers who have studied meditation and its effects note that this process reduces blood pressure, improves memory, the ability to concentrate, restores the psyche and produces a sense of deep peace.

The beginning of the way

As for the direct practice of meditation, everyone can learn it. You can do this with a mentor, turning, for example, to the Novosibirsk Osho-Center. There are regular classes of meditation, the cost of one lesson is ridiculous 50 rubles. Also, the practice of meditation is usually taught by yoga instructors. Olga Chepurnaya believes that you can learn by yourself on books. For example, the books of Osho, Jose Silva or any other literature that you find interesting and intimate.

And how do you relax?

The most important thing is to make the decision to meditate and start meditating regularly, because the result will be visible after a while. Let the first meditations last 5-10 minutes, then start to increase the time. Remember that meditation in itself is not the goal, it is only a way that helps to find yourself in a special state of consciousness.

Before meditation, it is advisable for half an hour not to eat or drink anything, choose 20-30 minutes of time, so that nothing distracts you, and prepare a place.

Psychologist, instructor in yoga club “Dinmaeks” Ekaterina Gorbunova advises to meditate early in the morning, until the city and home woke up. It is necessary to meditate in silence, you can light candles and incense.

The pose should be comfortable: in Turkish or sitting on a chair, or lying down, although lying down there is a big risk of falling asleep. Olga Chepurnaya adds that the meditative state is easier to achieve if you are initially calm and serene, what happens when you awaken from sleep or easy fatigue.

Take the cooked place. Breathe calmly, through your nose, your mouth is closed. The eyes are closed or open – this is of no fundamental importance, as you prefer. Focus on breathing – inhale-exhale – or watch the movements of the abdomen. When you notice that you are starting to think about an outsider, try to get back to breathing. It does not matter what feelings and thoughts you have at this moment, all the time carry your thoughts to the breath. If your thoughts are overwhelming, start counting your breaths, or perceive them as passing clouds. If it is difficult for your body to remain immobile for a long time, find for yourself such an attitude of pose, in which there will be a minimum of tension, for example, lying or sitting, leaning on the back of the sofa.

Finish any meditation the way you wake up after a good night’s sleep. Without opening your eyes, stretch well, make a free long exhalation, slowly open your eyes and smile.

Here are some more interesting types of meditation.

And how do you relax?

Dance meditation

Such meditation, according to Ekaterina Gorbunova, relaxes muscles very well, removes physical and mental tension. Put slow and beautiful music, preferably unfamiliar to you. Stand up, listen for a few moments and feel the impulse inside the body to move. Try to move as you want, forget about all sorts of techniques, now – in this dance – they are not. Do not try to move beautifully – just relax, trust the body, let only you move the music! Dance as if you are in love with the whole world.

Household Meditation

Within a week, try to do any business, giving himself to him entirely. Do the simplest things, loving what you do, enjoying it: taking a shower, ironing things, cooking food. If you make tea, give yourself up to this whole occupation, do tea brewing, enjoying every movement. When the tea is brewed, feel its flavor, take a sip, feel its taste – as if you drink it for the first and last time. By the way, if you use chocolate bars, rolls and other goodies that are harmful to a figure, you will soon notice that they began to use them much less often and in less quantity, and the pleasure from eating such goodies has become much more.

In the future, you yourself can come up with a lot of different options for meditation, because meditation can be absolutely any thing – it is important to give it the right stuff. We wish you good luck!

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