I Follow When We Disagree About Parenting

Figuring out the best ways to shape tiny humans into well-adjusted adults can feel like any parent’s personal Mt. Everest, especially when your parenting style clashes with your partner’s way of doing things. To avoid the frustration and confusion of on-the-spot disagreements, my husband and I came up with five rules to follow when we don’t see eye to eye.

We created rules that could apply to any situation and let the common sticking points in our communication style inspire the five-step process. When we live by our rules, our relationship is stronger and our home feels more like a well-oiled machine . . . and less like a battlefield. Next time you find yourself in a stalemate with your partner, give these a try! Hopefully they’ll help you as much as they help us.

5 Great Reasons to Train in Beauty Therapy in 2020

So you’re looking for a new career – maybe you are tired of the 9-5, you have a passion for all things beauty, you need a way of making some extra cash after Christmas or you want to get back into working after a break? Whatever the reasons you’re considering training in beauty therapy, we’ve got 5 great reasons why you should definitely take the leap in 2020…

How to get started?

Ready to start something new for 2020? What have you got to lose? Give our friendly team a call on Freephone 0800 999 2277 or connect through our Free online Live Chat option today to begin exploring the best training option and course for you. We offer training in the leading beauty treatments, all courses are recognised for insurance and we have payment plans available to help you spread the cost.

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