Anatomy of love

The modern world is so often like competitions with weights and a ruler: we are all trying to measure and evaluate. And often it turns out that somewhere there is not enough, something is missing.

That money, then male attention, then a couple of centimeters in the chest.Or the same centimeters in the length of the partner’s sexual organ.Why do we seek to use math lessons in sex, can partners really not approach the anatomical parameters, and what to do with it, learned the correspondent of SHE.

How to choose the most comfortable position for sex, if your dimensions do not match

The ancient “Kamasutra” paid considerable attention to the issue of dimensions: men and women were divided into three groups (in pairs) according to the size of their genitals. For example, a male “horse” with great “dignity” in the partner suited a woman “elephant”, “bull” – “mare”, and “hare” was supposed to spend pleasant nights with a “gazelle”.

In the modern understanding, other accents are being made. Sexologists note: even in people of extremely different complexions, the size of the genital organs is insignificant. In terms of sex, nature has provided maximum reliability of “clutch” and a high probability of coincidence of “tools”:

“If there is a true anatomical mismatch, you simply will not succeed, and will have to have sex with another person. The most frequent reason for the discrepancy is fear,

“recalls the sexologist of the Insight clinic, Igor Lyakh. Gynecologist of the medical center “Zdravitsa” Alla Teplitskaya confirmed: if the sexual act is performed without preparation, roughly, at any size of the penis, there may be a trauma to the vagina with rupture of the walls (the most indicative example is rape).

The problem of “discrepancy” in the sizes of the sexual organs of partners often comes down to small members of men from anecdotes and a rough comparison of female womb with buckets and similar objects. However, jokes are jokes, and, for example, a wide vagina (after childbirth) or a small penis – real phenomena, not tragic, but requiring a special approach. Let us consider these situations in more detail.

Modest dignity The

terrible sleep of all men – a short sexual organ – is in fact infrequent: about 2-4% of the population. The rest with the length, most likely, the order, but estimates – a subjective matter. And the length of the female vagina, too, is different.

Decision.The first solution was invented by nature, as explained by Igor Lyah, an excited female vagina is capable of shrinking: it is short, narrow and small – about 5 cm in length. Our body does not know what kind of sexual intercourse will be and everything is ready beforehand. Gathered in the beginning in the accordion, the vagina will stretch with frictions – strongly or slightly, in any case giving a pleasant sensation to the owner. In addition, all the receptors of pleasure in a woman are not deeper than 5 cm inward along the way.

The most comfortable poses are with the deepest penetration. For example, classical, where a woman covers a man with his feet and widely breeds a hip or pose with an emphasis of hips in the shoulders of a partner. Perspective pose where the girl sits down on the man from above and bends legs in a lap.


Large penises also occur, and, as the urologist of the medical center “Juno” Oleg Abaimov shared, these men often face the problem of finding a permanent partner: a woman is afraid of pain, and the man in turn is afraid of pain.

Decision. First, nature has again pumped out: as doctors say, men with a large organ often have an erection that is not strong, not “hard stone”, which allows enjoying the process without animal horror.

All that women need in sex with an intimate is a lubricant and the ability to relax. 

The simplest way to overcome fear is the so-called vestibular coitus: the man is introduced by the member shallowly and caresses the vestibule in the vagina, every deeper sexual intercourse he penetrates deeper, and the woman gets used to it.

Sex giant

“The average size is 13-15 cm, all that is longer is nice, but not more than aesthetically. Women often do not like big sizes, “continues Oleg Abaimov. According to Igor Lyakh, the inconsistency of the length is often enough: a short, unstretched vagina (this anatomical feature occurs more often than a long penis), a woman is able to deliver pain and discomfort during active frictions.

Decision. All poses that allow the girl to control the depth of the introduction: knee-elbow or on the side, squeezing the hips. Successful experiments will be “woman on top” – so she uses the thighs to control the angle of the injection.

Muscles pumped up.

In women, after the birth of children, the muscles of the hands are pumped, and the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall and small pelvis on the contrary, weaken. Coupled with general fatigue, this can put an end to sex.

Decision.As soon as the doctor resolves, begin to pump up the press – this will ease the onset of sexual activity after childbirth. Perhaps you will be given Kegel exercises. But the best option – if you keep all the “lower” muscles in the tone and before delivery. With regard to the choice of postures, all variations of the knee-elbow, especially those with crossed hips, will work. And all those where you can squeeze your legs and strain the press.

Many are interested in the question: is it possible to know the size of the reproductive organs in advance. In advance, you can only know that relatively small members of Asians, and large – in African Americans.

“Russians occupy an average position among all populations, all other superstitions – from the evil one”, – Oleg Abaimov dispelled the myths that the length of the genital organ of a man can be calculated from the nose, foot or complexion.

He also made an important remark: “The erection is a great equalizer. A small member in a relaxed state does not say anything at all, it can become the same size as the original large, which will increase only slightly. ” And if you can only carry out a check in one way, then it’s much easier to enjoy the process of this test, not its results.

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