You can now book the world’s first silent haircut

So why is it we feel embarrassed to say we need some quiet time? Why do we feel we need to bury our heads in a book and hope they get the hint? Is it that we’re simply too British to ask?

‘So, got any plans this weekend?’. It’s almost as though all hairdressers are briefed to ask their clients this open-ended question to break the awkward silence. Whilst some people love having a good old natter with their hairdressers (some even treat them like a therapist), others prefer to enjoy the rare downtime to sit in blissful silence.

One salon is making this awkward conundrum far easier for us, by launching the first-ever silent haircut.

Not Another Salon, famous for its inclusivity and no judgment policy, is the world’s first salon to officially offer a service that allows you to opt out of general chit chat when booking your haircut.

Never been offered before, they hit the nail on the head when they said, “While so many of us love a chin wag at the hairdressers, many just need some time out and that should be OK to ask for.”

So how does it work? Your stylist will still talk you through your consultation, and any hair related information throughout your service, but the rest of the time is yours. All you have you do is ask for a ‘silent’ cut or colour when booking and no one will judge you for it.

Discussing the reasoning behind the new offer, owner Sophia Hilton says: “In order for us to be a true non judgment company we need to consider all our clients’ needs. With mental health issues on the rise, feeling comfortable to say when you need time out couldn’t be more important.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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