An integrated approach to losing weight begins with a change in the child’s attitude towards food

It is not the first decade on the general striving for harmony that some acquire states, others – an inferiority complex. They sit on diets, showered with sweat and tears, fitness rooms, even starving … and after a while they realize that life has lost its taste.

And then they furtively buy chocolate, prepare a paste, order a cheesecake for coffee, in order to start all over again after a while.

It has long been known that in a developed society a person eats much more food than he needs. Moreover, preference is given to high-calorie foods – they are more delicious. Food has ceased to be a means of satisfying hunger, a “fuel” for the body, it has become a means of combating stress.

And if you eat, because you are nervous or just because you “want something delicious,” and after giving up your favorite dessert, you become nervous and irritable, which means that, most likely, you have become a victim of food addiction.

There is nothing surprising in this – someone bought ice cream for fives or chocolates for washed dishes, someone was forced to finish dinner: “Mom cooked, tried, do not you love your mother?”. And, of course, not a single holiday of our childhood could not do without lavish feasts. It is from childhood that most of us are emotionally dependent on food. Installations: “Well done, take a candy!” And “Why did not you eat, bad girl?” – the grown-up girls are born all their lives and passed on to their daughters to fight together for harmony. Fight and lose again, because, as the unforgettable professor Preobrazhensky said, “the devastation is not in the closets, but in the heads.”

And it is with the elimination of disruption in the minds, that is, a change in the attitude to food, inherent in us from childhood, begins a modern complex approach to losing weight. And changing eating behavior is a necessary step, but not the only one.

What else should the complex include? Specialists of the medical center “Effect” have developed the following program:

1. Cleansing the body is the very first step on the way to harmony. Design delights do not make sense in a house in which garbage was not carried for years. First – cleanliness, then – beauty, right? That’s why it’s necessary to start with a complete diagnosis, including a detailed analysis of body weight, ultrasound of internal organs, blood tests. And only after this, certainly under the supervision of specialists, a course of cleaning the body is carried out.

2. Step Two – individual trainings on psycho-correction of excess weight. A healthy spirit promises us not only a healthy, but also a slender body. Therefore, without psychological help, you can not do without any effective weight loss program. If the psyche does not match the slender body (even if you lose weight with the help of wonderful diets), she will do everything possible to restore the body to its previous state. It is quite natural that it is the psychological correction of excess weight that gives the most stable results, since it greatly facilitates the observance of dietary recommendations, without which you can not go anywhere in the matter of losing weight. However, it is important that these dietary recommendations are obtained from the mouth of a specialist dietician, not a psychologist.

3. Therefore, the third step is a personal diet. After all, to achieve effective weight loss, without resorting to control over calories, it is very difficult, and sometimes simply impossible. How to make it so that the process of losing weight does not harm, so that the body receives not only the necessary calories, but also a full range of useful substances: vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and even fats, in the amount necessary for your organism, can only tell a professional nutritionist .

4. Step Four – an individually selected program of the most effective water, thermal and physiotherapy procedures , such as aromatherapy, hydro massage, Charcot’s shower, cryosauna and many others. They not only accelerate the process of weight loss, but also increase the tone of the skin, effectively fight with the manifestations of cellulite.

5. Step Five – an individually selected program of physical activities. Miracles do not happen, without them effective weight loss is impossible. The main thing is during a period of active weight reduction help the body burn excess, but in no case overload it. That’s why the load program is selected individually.

And it really works, that is, it allows not only to reduce weight in a fairly short time, but also to consolidate the result, keeping it for years.

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