An increase in breast size can lead to diseases, including cancer

Those who have a breasts, as they think, are small, envy the owners of magnificent forms and try these volumes on their fragile body: “Oh, if I had that, I would …”. Big-breasted people often readily say that they would have parted with such a makeweight, but they do not believe it – a big breast seems to be happiness.

But there are those who understand that it’s not the size, but in the form and elasticity – they do not save on implants, but try to work on themselves. The correspondent of SE has learned, whether it is possible to increase a breast nonsurgical by and than it is fraught.

Breast size is determined genetically, and not only on the mother’s line – if the grandmother along the line of the father had impressive sizes, then the granddaughter has every chance to inherit them. And not only genetically – depending on the physiological characteristics of the body, the breast can grow large, small, and – as is often the case – average. But only during the growth of the mammary gland to take any action to ensure that it grows more, according to the doctors, should not – the result will not be, and the damage is quite real.

In general, the breasts are mammary glands surrounded by fat tissue. What determines the size of adipose tissue is not a secret for anybody, and the size of the mammary glands proper is regulated by the level of hormones in the blood and susceptibility to their presence of the gland itself.

The estrogen-sensitive breast is injured before menstruation and during the reception of contraceptives, little ignoring does not respond to hormonal outbursts in the body. 

But with the fat tissue things are different. “With age, the fatty layer becomes larger and the breasts in women increase,” says Natalia Vybornova, doctor-mammologist at the clinic prof. Pasman. But usually this is closer to menopause and is necessarily accompanied by an increase in the total body weight, and in fact many want to stay slim and have a magnificent breast right now!

Do not cut it

What is the reason for the desire to enlarge the breast, why it arises and how justified it is for another article. What do they offer in the market to satisfy this whim? Plastic surgeons, they said, conduct explanatory conversations with girls whose breasts are so good: “If the girl has a well developed breasts proportional to the body, and her desires are just whims, the doctor should act as a psychologist and try to convince her that it is not necessary operation “, – says Vladimir Panov, plastic surgeon,” Clinic of Dr. Panova. ”

In addition, not everyone has money for this – the operation will cost about 100 thousand rubles, and not everyone wants to go to the surgeon and intervene in this way in his body. Therefore, consider non-surgical methods, ostensibly or really enlarging the chest.

Ointments and mashing

Creams for bust of well-known cosmetic companies in fact have a moisturizing, nourishing and toning effect. In the annotations it is reported that the breast can become more elastic from the constant care of the skin. But about the increase in speech does not go – on adipose tissue, and even more so on the mammary gland such creams do not work. “Unique means that absolutely exactly increase the bust and are absolutely safe” in overwhelming majority contain the plant hormone phytoestrogen, which affects in some cases the size of the breast.

It has not yet been proved that it is the use of these drugs that can increase the risk of cancer, but the fact that the glandular tissue reacts is already a signal, and interference, especially in such a delicate place, does not lead to anything good. 

“Such hormonal shakes are not indifferent to the organism, they can very easily lead to diseases, including cancer,” the mammologist warns. However, let’s return to the fact that creams for the care of décolleté skin are useful and necessary, because strong skin with a good turgor is a natural bra.

Pulling out with blowing

Actively advertised vacuum massagers manufacturers advise those who want to significantly increase the size. “In general, massage improves blood circulation, and it is possible that at the time of application, the volume of the breast may become larger,” explains Olga Pushina, coach of the Remix fitness club. However, with the constant use of a vacuum massager, there is a risk of turning the breast into “spaniel ears” – unfortunately, the increase is due to stretching the skin. And a deep massage, such as a vacuum, such an area as the breast, where any severe damage is fraught with consequences, can only be carried out on an absolutely healthy breast – without mastopathy, fibrosis, and now few can boast such.

Drink a bra

Physical exercises do not increase the chest. But they can create a muscular bra, thanks to which the breast becomes taller, more elastic and visually larger. “Visually, the volume can become larger – muscles begin to lift their breasts, and the shape will be better,” says Olga Pushina. – The  thorax may widen, but the calyx does not change from playing sports – its size is laid genetically. ” 

The large pectoral muscle supporting the mammary glands is easy to pump – there are a lot of exercises, including elementary swimming and working with dumbbells. In addition, look at yourself from the side: “Watch your posture! – calls a female mammologist. – If you straighten your back, straighten your shoulders, then your chest will be visible. And on the contrary – stooping, you hide it ».

Here it is, the secret of the beautiful breast, and its flow emerges. Agree that few see your breast naked, and those who see, most often believe that it is simply beautiful – it’s part of you, beloved, or you have fed a common child. And the rest of the surrounding is enough for you to proudly carry it, straightening your shoulders. Love yourself.

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