Jeffree Star’s lipstick, which stayed put during a car crash

Taryn’s post even prompted a response from beauty mogul Starr himself, who offered to send a palette from his sold-out Blue Blood collection. “So glad that you’re safe and ok!! ? DM me, would love to send you a #BlueBlood palette to cheer you up!,” the makeup artist wrote.

While most of us would measure a lipstick’s staying power by its ability to withstand dinner and a cocktail (or several) over happy hour, it’s safe to say we wouldn’t expect our lippy to hold up after a car accident.

That’s exactly what Twitter user Taryn Elise discovered though, when she was involved in a collision in her Mini Cooper, leaving her lipstick flawlessly intact.

Chicago-based Taryn took to Twitter this week to share images of her car crash, leaving users stunned by her near-perfect Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick.

Jeffree Star's

“If anyone is curious about how well @JeffreeStar lipstick holds up – I was just in a car accident and there are lipstick marks on the airbag but my face is OK,” Taryn wrote, sharing images of her damaged car, slightly smudged airbag, and selfie of her deep red ‘Unicorn Blood’ lippy looking impressive crisp.

Taryn’s tweet quickly went viral, racking up close to 100,000 likes and stunned responses from users who highlighted the strength of her lipstick.

“The lipstick’s so strong it kept you from busting your lip! This is what the troops should be wearing!,” one user wrote, while another added, “Glad you’re OK girl but I have to giggle at the fact you’re still plugging how good the product is.”

Much like her invincible lipstick, Taryn thankfully walked away unharmed from the accident, posting an update soon after to reassure her Twitter followers that she wasn’t seriously injured.

It might be the most unconventional beauty review we’ve ever laid eyes on, but at the same time, we’re totally here for Taryn’s commitment to a great lipstick. Excuse us while we go buy Unicorn Blood for ourselves.

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