Amazing Moments From Sridevi’s Career And How Jhanvi Came Close In Dhadak

Here are five of her most incredible moments from her career that I always recall when I think of her.

Mr. India

If you were someone growing up in the 90s era, it just meant one thing – there was no chance of escaping from Sridevi’s charm. Mr. India might have been all about Anil Kapoor’s character being the invisible hero, but Sridevi’s commendable screen presence and acting was instrumental in getting the movie enough accolades.

Her fruit basket on her head in the famous Hawa Hawai song got the entire nation humming its tunes and copying her moves. There was no match to the gazillion expressions of hers in the movie.


She was a pure damsel in this movie. You know, the ones we call apsara. And for all those who grew up with Sridevi’s movies, Naino mein sapna will forever be our jam dance number.


Who can forget her impeccable performance in this drama about snakes? She just broke all the trends with this movie. The diva with her “naagin-ness” left the audience craving for more. And I’m sure no ichadari nagin (mythical shape-shifting cobras in Indian folklore) of the television show can match up to Sridevi.


She was a dancer with extraordinary abilities. The famous song from Chandni will remain my favourite. She quite literally danced her way into people’s hearts with this number. The snow, the chiffon saree, and the woman herself, ah, what a sight (Chandni)! All the women just wanted to be her.


This movie will forever be etched in my heart. This was Sridevi’s 300th film and also her last (I have a heavy heart right now). She played the character of a strong mother. The character showed the world that one should never ever mess with a mother. Because, a mother’s willpower and determination can take down every storm that comes in the way of her children.

You all have to agree with me that there will never be a Sridevi again. And just when I say this, I’m reminded of Sridevi’s elder daughter, Jhanvi Kapoor, who recently marked her debut with the movie Dhadak. Of course, there was a lot of excitement to see if she looked like her mother on the silver screen. But, did she even try to match up to her mother’s already established legacy? Here’s what I think:

When I saw the movie I thought that Jhanvi did a decent job with acting (at least she did not disappoint me at all). Of course, the movie went on to become a hit. Jhanvi’s father Boney Kapoor was a proud man for having to witness his daughter taking over the silver screen. Sridevi and Boney were masters of this art, and Jhanvi followed their footsteps.

Amazing Moments From Sridevi’s Career And How Jhanvi Came Close In Dhadak

Sridevi was a south Indian and that culture and linguistic touch was always evident in her dialogue deliveries in all her Bollywood movies. Jhanvi, who has lived most of her live in the glitz and glamour of Mumbai, is detached from the south-Indian accent, but she does have a strong on-screen presence like her mother. There is a dance number in the movie called Zingaat and in  this song Jhanvi totally proved that she can dance as graceful as her mother. She was bang on with the expression as well which her mother, Sridevi was also famous for. There are certain scenes in the movie wherein the side profile of Jhanvi makes you feel like you’re watching Sridevi on the screen. So, it wouldn’t wrong if I say that it was like watching Sridevi’s youth taking over the silver screen again.

But, this goes without saying, there will never be another Sridevi again! It’s unfortunate that she has left us behind, but we are certain that Jhanvi Kapoor is here to create anther legacy.

Are you an ardent Sridevi fan like me? What are your favourite Sridevi moments? Leave your answers in the comments below.

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