Amanda Meixner shows us that losing weight doesn’t have to be hard

It’s a common misconception that if you want to lose weight, all you need to do is work out a shit ton. However, anyone who has gone through a weight loss journey will tell you that it’s all about what you eat. Working out is just a bonus.

Truth be told, watching what you eat is a hell of a lot easier than going to the gym and working out for a few hours. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather break out a sweat and then eat some shitty food than not break out a sweat and not eat shitty food.

Enter, Amanda Meixner. This lovely lady shares a ton of great ways that you can swap out bad food for good food that will help you lose weight with ease.

Sometimes, it isn’t just about the food swap itself, but the understanding of portions. We often eat a lot more than what we actually need in order to be full.

You’ll often find that by making certain food swaps, you can actually eat more food. This ultimately leaves you feeling more full yet somehow a hell of a lot better because of the fact that you’re eating good food that will fuel your body.

The other thing about weight loss is this: Don’t feel bad for indulging in some “not so great” food every now and again.

It’s okay to treat yourself. Don’t feel guilty. The key, however, is ensuring that you don’t lose track of eating well outside of the treats.

Drinking enough water is also key to weight loss. Keeping yourself hydrated is essential to keeping yourself healthy. Water also helps keep you feel fuller, so you don’t over eat.

Remember, it’s a process. Results will come.

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