Victoria Beckham has been drinking ‘moon water’ to detox so what on earth is it?

Er, not for Victoria Beckham who gave us all a glimpse into her world when she went on a solo jaunt to Germany for a super swanks detox trip.

What do you do when you want some proper R R? Maybe a slightly spenny muscle-melting massage or mani or BOTH if you’re really treating yourself?

While her former Spice Girl bandmates were probably stressing out about their forthcoming tour, the singer-turned-designer, who snubbed the reunion, decided to take herself off without her family for a minibreak in Munich and joyfully, shared the whole thing with us all.

Victoria stayed in the Lanserhof Tegernsee retreat for a week’s detox (read what happened when we stayed at the sister wellness retreat, VivaMayr) and her trip included drinking moon water, eating a lot of vitamins and cycling around the mountainous surroundings.

The fashion designer shared a video telling followers, “I’m here at Lanserhof and I’ve got to be honest, it is much much nicer than I expected. I have unpacked my toiletries.”

She added, “The bathroom is actually super-nice. I was expecting something much more hospital-y, so this is a real pleasant surprise and I’m really excited to get some rest, to get some great treatments and go out tomorrow and explore.”

The vid, posted on Instagram Stories, was also the perfect opportunity for VB to show off her beauty products, all neatly laid out next to her Louis Vuitton toiletry bag.

During her trip, she shared snaps of the views while on a cycle and a makeup-free selfie before she settled in for a facial.

Surrounded by the Bavarian Alps, this German medi-spa describes itself as “a place of peace and tranquillity, a place to regenerate and regather your strength” and offers “detailed diagnostics, professional sports analysis and therapies, together with numerous beneficial applications from the fields of balneology, physiotherapy and physical therapy.” Facilities at the spa include a huge outdoor pool, with rooms overlooking the mountains.

Basic med packages include detox baths, therapeutic massages and body drainage. The interiors are slick and minimalist (clinical and white-everything).

Naturally, the food is pretty healthy and VB shared that with us too, taking a picture of her spinach, broccoli and salmon meal, as well as her daily medication of not-so-exciting vitamins.

She also showed off something we’ve never heard before. It’s called “Moon Water” and only produced in Munich.

She wrote, “So I am here at Lanserhof in Germany, and they’ve just given me this water, which is a special water. It is collected locally, here in Munich, but only on a full moon. Apparently this is very healthy water, an incredible water and great for the skin. Where am I going to get this when I leave Germany?,” she asked fans.

According to various witch websites, you can make your own by blessing your water with sage and then leaving it out under a full moon. Added benefits will come from surrounding the bowl with crystals, apparently.

As well as sipping on it like VB does, people use moon water to cleanse their crystals, bathe in or use as an alter.

If you can’t be bothered to make your own, you can buy some of the clinic’s website here.

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