June 17, 2024

Alyssa Is Losing Her Mind Over Louis Vuitton’s New ‘It’ Bag

I, a millennial shopper, am apparently powerless before a product that combines two increasingly important elements: logomania and nostalgia.

If you’re a regular reader of this website, you know that we take pride in uncovering the deeper meaning behind fashion and retail’s biggest trends – especially those targeted toward millennial and Gen Z consumers.

For instance: Why has every luxury brand under the sun slapped a conspicuous logo on everything possible? Because logos play well on Instagram and help to build brand awareness! Why are labels like Dior, Fendi and Versace reviving popular styles and products from decades past?

Because millennial shoppers love a nostalgiamoment! Why are designers like Alexander Wang bucking the traditional fashion calendar and delivery schedule? Because the kids love a drop! This knowledge has certainly helped me become a more careful shopper, as I consider every item’s longevity in my wardrobe – and its position in the general trend cycle – for a long while before I make a purchase.

Another benefit of this “insider” perspective is that I don’t fall victim to manufactured hype or the aforementioned marketing tactics – or so I thought, until I saw Louis Vuitton’s New Wave bag for the first time a few weeks ago. Yes, the rainbow shades of the Vuitton letters recall the colorful collaborations the house has done in the past, and the LV closure is as conspicuous as a logo can be, but the bright, playful chain-strap bag puts a smile on my face every time I see it.

Personally, I’m drawn to the cherry red version above, but other options include bubblegum pink (millennials love pink! ) and bold turquoise. As it turns out,I, a millennial shopper, am simply powerless before a product that combines logomania and nostalgia, no matter how hard I try. I suppose the proof is in the numbers, as both LVMH and competing conglomerate Kering posted impressive revenue gains this quarter. These tactics clearly work – who am I to argue with human nature?

Too bad we millennials spend all of our money on avocado toast. Perhaps it’s time I kick the habit and start saving up for a trip to Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton New Wave Chain Bag, $1,990, available here.

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