Jodie Comer’s makeup artist reveals the genius hacks behind the star’s incredible beauty look

We chat to Camden born-and-bred makeup artist Naoko Scintu, who’s responsible for the seamless liner and brushed-up brows of Jodie Comer and Lily James.

Here we talk through the insider products her clients are obsessed with and easy ways to add a pop of colour to your look for summer.

Which products do you love using on your clients at the moment?

“I’m obsessed with great skincare. It’s the most important element to a great makeup look in my opinion, so at the moment I am using Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist, Illuminating Moisturiser, Omoressence for super hydrated skin, and Perfecting Lip Balm. These are always in the kit. I’m also loving Sensai’s Cellular Performance Total Lip Treatment for perfectly plump lips. Oh yeah, and Charlotte Tilbury’s Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask. No mess, so easy to use. Also, most importantly, I-Shimmer individual lashes. These are the lightest and most beautiful lashes I have even seen. My clients are all huge fans of these, I use them on everyone.”

You’re not afraid to experiment with fun and playful looks, how do you incorporate color and graphic shapes in a way that still looks wearable?

“I think it’s important to keep everything else on the face beautifully polished. So again, great skin with an element of colour on the face. I tend to do either a lip or an eye, to keep things more simplistic but with an element of colour and fun. I think this is a general rule with the way in which I do makeup, I’m all about balance.”

If readers wanted to be a little more experimental, where’s the best place to start?

“Try different lip colour’s and textures. It easier to put a coloured lip on to drastically change your look, without having to be super careful with the application. Pair an orange red lip with a light blue denim jacket, for a summer look.”

“Bronzed dewy summer skin with a natural texture. So, showing off all your freckles and not being afraid to show off ‘real skin’. I love creamy textures of blush for the summer months, I’m just obsessed with glowing, highlighted skin which looks lived in. A coloured mascara is also a trend I’m really loving at the moment. Purple is a colour I love, Shiseido do a fabulous one. I like to paint just the top or bottom lashes for a pop of colour on the face.”

What are your best insider beauty tips?

“Great facials. I have always suffered with adult acne, but not since I’ve been having the Absolutely Flawless facial at PfefferSal. This facial uses advanced laser technology to kill bacteria in the deeper layers of the skin, preventing outbreaks. It’s literally been the greatest discovery for me, as I have tried everything. I’ve actually never felt more confident within my own skin.”

Which three products do you always have in your kit?

“SPF Youth Protector by Sisley, Suqqu Liquid Eye Brow Pen in Brown and I-Shimmer individual lashes.”

What’s the secret to ultra-fresh looking skin?

“Regular facials, Kate Somerville’s Dermal Quench Wrinkle Warrior, SPF and lots of sleep! Also, Cryo facials and full body treatments, as many times as possible.”

You’re about to get a client ready for the red carpet, they’ve been out the night before, their skin is dull and they’ve got a blemish brewing – what do you do?

“Get them under an LED as soon as possible. I have a portable one, the blue light seems to calm the skin. Then straight on with a stretch face mask for maximum hydration, and vigorous facial massage to really get the blood flowing to the surface of their skin. Once this is done, I’ll pop Ling Drying Lotion onto the spot, and work around it until the very last minute, just to calm the spot down.”

“Turning up to a job and not being aware that the client only wants to use vegan products. I’ve had to get super creative with only a few products, Dr Hauschka has saved my life on many occasion.”

What’s been the best moment of your career so far?

“I’ve been super lucky to have been working regularly with such talented actresses, who are inspiring, fun and kind, and it’s just a joy to paint their faces. Florence Pugh, Lily James, Jodie Comer, Sophie Turner and Laura Harrier are my dream girls. I feel like I am at a really special place in my career with these lady’s.”

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