April 17, 2024

All the skincare questions Gen-Z are asking, and the beauty brands they can’t live without

Their high standards carry over to the formulas themselves, and Gen Z will happily invest in good-quality products containing the best active ingredients that promise to deliver that elusive natural radiance we all covet.

It’s hardly surprising that Gen-Z have quickly become experts in skincare. Being digital first, always on the lookout for innovation and with greater access to experts thanks to the likes of Tik Tok, they’re arguably more knowledgeable than previous generations. Plus, thanks to a year of lockdown, they’ve had plenty of time to dedicate to their skin.

But as well as making the most of the information at hand for their personal routines, Gen-Z are known to challenge the status quo and demand better from the beauty industry for the greater good. They’ve effectively applied pressure on numerous beauty brands to cater to a more diverse, inclusive and proactive generation with everything from a wider range of shades to amending problematic brand messaging.

While results are paramount, that’s not to say Gen-Z doesn’t have an eye for aesthetically pleasing packaging (although, skincare shelfies are most definitely a millennial fascination).

“There’s a new wave of Gen-Z’s experimenting with DIY skincare, allowing full control over the products and knowing exactly what’s in them. It’s never been more crucial, to prolong the shelf life of their favourite ingredients, natural products and DIY recipes. ” says Jess Sery, co-founder of British Beauty Brand KINDD.

No wonder the that the skincare fridge organisation corner of TikTok is thriving with over 77. 1M views.

So, what exactly do Gen-zeders really look for when it comes to skincare, and what products should you spend your hard earned money on?

We have asked award-winning medical and cosmetic doctor Dr. Ewoma to break down some of the most common Gen-Z skincare questions as well as provide a list of products the new generation swear by.

Q How do I treat acne?

A “Acne is a hugely common skin condition and as well as being painful, it can have a massive impact on our self confidence. One of the biggest tips, I would say, is to implement a proper skincare routine. Make sure to properly remove makeup, cleanse, use a glycolic toner, a hydrating serum and a nourishing moisturiser. ”

Q What should my skincare routine consist of?

A “Start with a good quality cleanser. Cleansers should leave your skin smooth, clear and nourished – your complexion definitely shouldn’t feel tight or inflamed after cleansing. A good cleanser should deeply cleanse the skin of impurities. Follow with an exfoliating toner, this will work to refine and brighten and sweep away any impurities. I like Soap & Glory’s IN THE GLOW HOW 5% Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Tonic for this.

A nourishing moisturiser is essential, lots of people make the mistake of avoiding moisturising products when they have breakouts but this is counterintuitive. Reach for hydrating formulas packed with skin loving ingredients. ”

Q Which active ingredients should I use?

A “Some key actives to look out for would be: Glycolic, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic. Glycolic is the ultimate brightening and evening active, I like my glycolic in the form of a toner. Vitamin C is great for boosting radiance and brightening your complexion, it’s also an antioxidant so protects the skin from ageing free radicals.

Hyaluronic Acid suits just about everyone and is the ultimate hydrating molecule. In my opinion, a good hyaluronic serum should be in everyone’s routine. ”

Q What percentages should I be looking for on the following ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C and Retinol?

A “I’d say with Retinol and Vitamin C it’s better to start with a lower percentage to see how your skin works, I like a 10% Vitamin C to begin with. Hyaluronic acid works with even the most sensitive of skins. ”

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