All the best stand-up comedy on Netflix for when you’re in need of some serious LOLs

Netflix has, in recent years, become the best place to go to for watching stand-up on demand, as the streaming site has reportedly been forking out millions to secure the biggest names in the comedy business.

Makes sense, as the quality of content in their stand-up comedy category is pretty damn high.

Sometimes, all we need in life is a bloody good laugh.

Sure, Netflix is stacked with the darkest, most chilling true crime documentaries, the best mind-blowing mystery movies and the scariest horrors that’ll give you nightmares till 2023, but there are times when none of that will do. When we just can’t face anything mentally tiring or remotely challenging. And that, dear readers, is when you turn to the holy grail of stand-up comedy.

Yes, stand-up is much more subjective than what simply constitutes a ‘good film/ TV show’, but the variety of comedians on Netflix guarantees there’s something for everyone, and we’ve made sure our below edit of stand-up that has made team GLAMOUR literally laugh out loud is also as diverse as possible.

Whether it’s everyone’s favourite Brit comedian Jack Whitehall on being single, happy couples and hotel rooms (and of course, his much-loved dad); Mo Gilligan on WhatsApp groups, family dynamics and the complex art of dancing the night away in clubs (remember was that was like?); or sharp-witted US comic guru Wanda Sykes on the (not so normal) current political and cultural climate, one thing’s for sure: there is something here that will give you a good dose of life’s best medicine.

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