May 20, 2024

All I want for Christmas is an invite to the Bouchard house

You know, Genie, the Canadian tennis superstar serving up aces on Instagram.

A couple weeks ago, I posted a gallery of Beatrice Bouchard, the smokin’ hot model and twin sister of Eugenie Bouchard.

Turns out there’s a third sister, Charlotte, and by the looks of it, she’s following in the same blonde bombshell footsteps as her sisters.

But the amazing Bouchard genetics don’t end there. Say hello to cousins Mimi and Celeste Bouchard.

I don’t know what’s in the water over in Montreal but judging by the women in this family, whatever it is, it’s working.

(From left to right, Eugenie, Charlotte, Mimi, Celeste, Beatrice, and Grandma Bouchard in the back)

So my offer stands ladies. I’m free this Christmas…

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