Tattoo Ideas Are Simple, Sweet, and Sentimental

Tattoos do not always have to be some large, elaborate design or some big, colorful illustration. Sometimes when you go in to get a tattoo, you might just be in the mood to get a little something. This is where tiny heart tattoos come in.

Small and discreet, yet still bold and statement-making, itty-bitty heart tattoos are the perfect solution for anyone looking to get ink without the big commitment. They also can fit pretty much anywhere – on a wrist, an ankle, or even a shoulder. Here are the best tiny heart tattoo ideas to keep in mind for your next appointment.

The 10 Superfoods You’ll See Everywhere in 2020, According to Dietitians

If you’re always on the lookout for simple ways to boost the nutritional content of your meals, you’ll be happy to know that you won’t have to totally restock your kitchen or revamp your weekly menu to make the trendiest foods of the year work for you. Among these expert picks for 2020 are seeds, berries, and veggies that you can easily add to your favorite meals to make them even healthier!

POPSUGAR spoke with a team of dietitians who have worked with countless clients to help improve their eating habits by making simple changes, like adding superfoods to every plate. If you can handle a few blackberries in your smoothie or a handful of arugula on your avocado toast, you can reap the benefits of the nutritional superstars our pros picked. Read on to see which foods need to be in your grocery cart to make 2020 your healthiest year yet.

Affordable homewear brand ‘Fy!’ has 15% off for 48 hours so here’s what you should buy to transform any tiny rental flat

When I was given my contract for my first flat in London, I was overjoyed. This is it! I’m finally doing it! I can get to work decorating, I thought! Then I read the small print. The list of things I couldn’t do was, well, endless, with no screws, hanging frames or wallpaper appearing at the top of the list. In bold.

How was I ever going to add any personality to my teeny-tiny new home?

After extensive research (and obsessive scrolling on Pinterest), I realised that there are actually a whole host of things that can be done to make my flat feel that tiny bit cosier.

Luckily, my walls are already white, but having clean and bright walls is one way to open spaces up. Then, brightening up your neutral canvas with bright colours, layered textures and different heights is a great way to add a welcome bit of interest. Use damage-free picture hanging strips to display affordable prints on your walls (scroll down for some of my faves), and treat yourself to a patterned rug to bright up that dull and trodden carpet they’ve left you with. UGH.

When it comes to where to shop, Fy! Has been a total lifesaver for me over the past few years. It’s a total treasure trove of stylish, timeless and affordable homeware. From luxe cushions to opulent fabrics, storage solutions and

During a routine check of the site’s “New Arrivals” section this morning, I spotted that they’re offering 15% off for 48 hours. So it’d be rude not to do a spot of shopping, right?

Here are the pieces I’ll be snapping up to transform my tiny rental flat into a home with personality. Which will you treat yourself to?

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