February 27, 2024

Alicia Silverstone says she still co-sleeps with her pre-teen boy

God bless her, Alicia Silverstone has yet again exposed an information regarding her parenting design sure to make her unmitigated judgement across the net. When it come to co- sleeping, Silverstone claimed on The Ellen Fisher Podcast that she sure does still copulate her11-year-old son, Bear, every night.

» Bear and also I still rest together,»she claimed. According to her, she’s simply «adhering to nature. » «If you were in any type of wild setting where there are animals. . . if you put your child there,» she stated, directing,» your child is going to obtain consumed. It’s not suitable for the child to be there. «It seems fair to explain that human preteens are rarely consumed by wild pets nowadays, yet you do you, mom.

Content This web content can additionally be watched on the website it comes from from. In the interview, Silverstone likewise stated her boy hasn’t required medication in his 11 years of life, for which she credits his vegan diet regimen, aimed

out the hypocrisy of sexualising women’s busts but reproaching ladies for nursing in public, and that attachment parenting has made her kid»increasingly independent. » She likewise noted that, throughout the years, she ‘s obtained a great deal of flak for her commitment to veganism and also her alternative parenting design, which I can’t claim is unreliable.

There was that» bird-feeding»video, in which Silverstone prechewed food and afterwards moved it right into her son’s mouth, a technique experts discover troubling, informed The New York Times in 2020 that she still took» baths with her son— then nine years of ages— which she said was calming for both of them. Perhaps the fairest critique leveled at Silverstone is her anti-vaccination stance, which she blogged about in her 2014 parenting publication,

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