Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Cara Delevingne both wore outfits with *very* bold political statements at the Met Gala 2021

AOC has been vocal about taxes, suggesting in interviews that income above $10m may need to be taxed up to 70%, especially if halting climate change is going to become a priority.

We can only assume this dress will be turning a lot of heads all night long literally.

This young, working-class woman of colour entering a traditionally elitist, male-dominated space has really worked hard to create real change and fight for the everyday hard working American – one she can identify with, very fitting of this years MET theme, so we expected nothing less.

As for Cara, while she didn’t disclose much about the ‘Peg the Patriarchy’ splashed across the chest of her white bullet vest, she did say it was a powerful feminist statement and essentially a middle finger to patriarchy but she ultimately advise us to ‘google it’ and so we did, and this is what we found out.

Congresswoman Alexandria OcasioCortez and Cara Delevingne walks the steps of the MET Gala 2021

According to Google: “Luna Matatas coined Peg the Patriarchy in 2015 to get provocative about subverting the system of patriarchy. Patriarchy has no gender, working to dismantle it benefits us all.” Well, you heard what the woman said. Cara gave us a bold reminder on why we need to dismantle this oppressive system.

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