Aldi Can Barely Keep This Keto Bread Stocked – It’s That Popular!

Aldi’s keto bread keeps flying off the shelves. Debuting last year, the L’Oven Fresh Zero Net Carbs Bread is back at the grocery store known for stocking so many delicious foods – if you can get your hands on a loaf before it sells out (really, it’s that popular).

These loaves of bread have zero net carbs and a serving size has five grams of protein and nine grams of fiber. This bread definitely packs a healthy punch – plus, it’s also vegan.

You can grab a loaf of wheat or multiseed bread at your local Aldi to try it for yourself, but when we say that they keep flying off the shelves, we mean it. Some stores are even limiting shoppers to one or two loaves per visit. We get it, though – bread is such a delicious comfort food, and when you’re watching your carb intake, it’s an easy food to cut out to keep your carb count low.

So if you’re cutting carbs for health- or weight-loss reasons but still want to enjoy some bread every once in a while, this could be a great solution for you. You don’t have to be following a strictly keto diet to appreciate this bread, either. This is a healthy alternative in general if you’re looking for a substitute for white bread.

A serving size of the bread – just one slice – has 45 calories. The nine grams of carbs are balanced by the nine grams of fiber to give you zero net carbs, a stat that everyone seems to be tracking. If you’re making healthy swaps and trying to keep your protein up, this bread could be a great addition to your day. Basically this bread can fit into most healthy-eating plans, or it can just be enjoyed for the tasty flavor even if you’re not on a specific diet!

As If She Wasn’t Going to Already Stand Out, J Lo Just Wore This Loud Tie-Dye Look

Here’s some good news regarding all those tie-dye clothes you invested in earlier this year: the trend is indeed still alive and thriving. For proof, please refer to Jennifer Lopez’s latest outfit. The triple-threat was recently photographed biking around New York City (in a rented Citi Bike, no less!) while wearing a truly loud head-to-toe tie-dye look by Polo Ralph Lauren. .. as if she wasn’t going to draw in plenty of attention as is.

It’s worth noting that Jennifer also paired her tie-dye sweats with a pastel tie-dye face mask (love that commitment to a theme) and cool, customized sneakers from Nike. While Jennifer’s sweatpants are currently on sale, her exact sweatshirt is unfortunately out of stock. The abundance of tie-dye loungewear online, however, should help make recreating the outfit a cinch.

See photos of Jennifer wearing her summery sweats, and browse our relevant shopping selections, ahead. If the groovy throwback trend isn’t your thing, Jennifer also recently wore an all-gray sweatsuit from The Mayfair Group that might be of interest. And if you’re so over sweats, please refer to the flirty and feminine Tory Burch slip dress Jennifer wore on Labor Day for an entirely different vibe.

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