6 gentle eye makeup removers that promise soft, clean lashes

Our regular face cleansers aren’t always built with the muscle power necessary to coax our lashes free. But the extra scrubbing required is bad news for the ultra delicate skin around our eyes which call for a light touch.

It’s the death knell, too, for soft, healthy lashes. Without a thorough and gentle cleanser, they can be left coated in waxy product, or feeling dry and brittle from harsh alcohol-filled face washes. And, casualties from too much rubbing can tug away lashes and leave them looking sparse.

It seems mascara was created to withstand the apocalypse. While blusher, bronzer and foundation all melt peacefully away, mascara (especially when waterproof) is in it for the long-haul.

It’s why, while we don’t advocate unnecessary extra steps in our skincare routine, it’s worth finding a cleanser that does as good a job at lifting away mascara as removing the rest of your makeup. Or, if you already have a face wash you can’t part with, to start off your cleansing routine by loosening away your eye makeup with a dedicated eye makeup remover.

As for what to choose, micellar water fits the bill thanks to its clever technology. It contains tiny sphere-like micelles inside that act as magnets, attracting, trapping and gently lifting away stubborn makeup, like mascara.

Given waterproof formulas repel water (that’s why they stay on in the rain), cleansing oils are magic at loosening long-wear mascara formulas and slippy enough to lift them free without dragging. Just steer clear of anything too fragranced, to avoid irritation.

And bi-phase formulas sit somewhere in the middle. Made up of water and oil (you shake them, to mix the two together), they cover all bases, gently expelling every trace of makeup.

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